Five tell-tale signs of sacroiliac pain

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    The sacroiliac joint comprises the sacrum (a bone made up of five fused sacral vertebrae forming the lower part of the spine) and the ilium (part of the pelvis).

    The sacrum is wedged between the two halves of the pelvis.

    There is no movement in the joint; its main function is to provide stability.

    Five signs of sacroiliac pain

    • Loss of topline musculature
    • Poor impulsion and reluctance to engage the hindlimbs when ridden, especially in canter
    • Bucking or kicking out with one hindleg
    • Reluctance to go forward
    • Hindlimb lameness

    For the full veterinary article on dealing with sacroiliac problems, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (8 September)

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