Q&A: Foundations for stables

  • Q: Having recently been granted planning permission for some stables on my land, I don’t want to spend a fortune on good quality stables only to find that my base is inadequate. Can you give me some ideas on how I should prepare it?

    Angela Barnes of Redmire Stables replies: You will have to get your base prepared yourself or bring in a recommended local ground works contractor, so that you are ready for the delivery and installation of your stables.

    We recommend you have your base finished one week before delivery of your stables, to allow for the curing of concrete base and brickwork plinth.

    First, lay six inches of compacted hardcore and then four inches of an equine concrete mix. You can buy this from any ready-mixed concrete supplier.

    You will then need to lay a course of engineering bricks. Uponreceipt of the order most stable companies send a brickwork plan for your stables to be sited onto.

    Be prepared for your base to cost just as much as your stables and don’t try to cut the costs on it.

    If the base is wrong and uneven, the stables will not fit. It must be level with a slight concrete fall for drainage. Seek advice from a reputable building contractor or stable construction company.

    The area where your stables are to be situated must have enough space for the installation team to manoeuvre. If you are planning to site your stables next to an existing building, you should allow at least two feet between the two.

    There are many stable manufacturing companies.It is a good idea to request brochures from atleast three different companies. Ask if they have customers in your area that you can go and visit, so you can view their stables.

  • Angela Barnes is marketing director of Redmire Stables and Buildings Ltd in West Sussex.

    For technical advice or details of the range, call Redmire on (01403) 785 508 or visit www.redmire.co.uk

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