Pony Club offers advice on keeping cool

  • The Pony Club has posted valuable advice about cold-water cooling for hot horses on its website. The document written by Dr David Marlin, was originally compiled before the Olympic Games in Atlanta but as the British heat wave continues, riders across the UK are encouraged to refer to it.

    By clearly explaining how a horse loses heat, Dr Marlin’s advice catalogues why horses benefit from cold-water cooling before explaining the technique.

    “A cool pony is a happy pony,” said a spokesperson for the Pony Club. “Children will be given the same advice by their Pony Club instructors – it is general advice for children and adults.”

    The document – Cold-Water Cooling for Hot Horses – can be found on the Pony Club website at www.pcuk.org.

  • For more advice on riding and competing in hot weather check out the new HHO horse care archive.
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