Industry experts join forces for equine reproduction conference

  • Experts at the forefront of equine reproduction are set to join forces for a conference that will examine the latest research in equine reproduction and the issues affecting the industry.

    The Colloquium for Equine Reproduction (CFER) is teaming up with the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) for the annual conference, which will take place on a date yet to be confirmed next year.

    CFER 2013 will be a one-day event and will run alongside the BSAS annual conference. Students, vets, academics, policy-makers and industry representatives from around the world will have the opportunity to attend.

    The event’s organisers say that the CFER will build on the success of previous conferences, which have included presentations by renowned scientists including Dr Jenny Ousy from Rossdales and Dr Julia Kydd from the University of Nottingham Veterinary School.

    For more information, or to join the CFRE network of breeding contacts, visit www.cfer.co.uk.

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