German breeding expert visits UK

  • German young horse expert, Dr Gerd Heuschmann, is travelling to Britain to host a BEF seminar on the training of young sports horses at Hartpury College, Glos on 9 March.

    Dr Heuschmann, who is a qualified veterinary surgeon and a Bereiter (professional trainer), inspired the audience at the World Global event last autumn with his far reaching approach to the successful training and showing of young horses.

    Susanne Miesner, a professional rider and trainer of young horses for the Bundeschampionate and dressage horses up to grand prix, will be assisting Dr Heuschmann.

    The day will explore a range of topics through illustrated talks and demonstrations as well as including time for discussion. Subjects to be covered include:

    • Functional anatomy
    • Theory and methods of training
    • Breeding and rearing
    • Producing the young horse in-hand
    • Producing the young horse under saddle

    Graham Suggett, BEF director of breeding, says: “Training young horses is a specialist job, but unfortunately few people appreciate how skilled it is.

    “Part of the BEF’s strategy is to identify the techniques required to train young horses successfully, as well as recognising the people who are good at this type of training.

    “There are good trainers out there, but unfortunately many young horses spend their formative years with people who are not specialists in this field. We hope that events such as this workshop will help spread knowledge about the best way to train and compete young horses.”

    The BEF also plans to produce a leaflet covering good practise in training young horses after the event.

    Tickets, which include lunch, cost £35 each for Supporters of British Breeding members or £40 for non-members. Cheques made payable to “British Breeding” should be sent to: Young-Horse Workshop, British Breeding, BEF, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warks, CV8 2RH.

  • Dr Heuschmann and Susanne Miesner are looking for two newly-broken three-year-old horses, two four-year-old horses who have been under saddle for around one year, and two five-year-old horses which have been in work for two years, to help demonstrate their training methods at the workshop.

    If you have a young horse matching any of these descriptions and would like to see how it performs with the experts, please contact Jane Kidd (tel: 01451 844748) or email: jane.kidd@lineone.net.

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