Why we love Horse & Hound Buy & Sell

  • Thousands of people choose Horse & Hound as the place to go when they are looking to buy or sell anything equestrian. Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied readers...

    Livery yard owner Gail Smith has successfully sold a number of horses through Horse & Hound Buy & Sell and recommends it to her livery yard clients.

    “I only ever use Horse & Hound to advertise my horses. I find your website superior to the other classifieds sites. I had 15 people view the latest mare I advertised with you. Well done Horse & Hound, yet again another sucessful sale. Thank you!”

    Sandra Doherty enjoyed a quick, hassle-free sale of her horse.

    “I had a super response to my advert and sold my lovely horse to the perfect buyer in one week. Thank you Horse & Hound”

    Marnie Holt enjoyed a quick, hassle-free sale of her 15.2hh intermediate show hunter through Horse & Hound.

    “I advertised my 15.2 intermediate show hunter with H&H. I got an instant response and the first people who came to see him bought him. He has gone to a fantastic home.”

    Lola-SamSam Hancock bought her new horse through Horse & Hound.

    “It was a very easy process purchasing through H&H. I called the owner on Sunday evening, went to see her on the Monday morning, she passed the 5 stage vetting and I picked her up on Wednesday!”

    Faye Waddle also bought her new horse through Horse & Hound.

    “I found the H&H website very easy and simple to use. The information about the horses was very clear and straight to the point. Also found searching for horses online easy as the refined searches are very useful.”


    Geoffrey Legouix sold his horsebox through Horse & Hound.

    “I received at least 20 e-mails and about the same number of telephone calls. The first person who came to see my horsebox (which was within 24hrs of placing the ad) bought it. Calls ranged from as far away as Ireland, to someone who wanted to come down from Leicestershire with cash. I got the full asking price so was happy with the result.”

    Alan Myers successfully sold his horsebox after getting advice from our classified team on how to improve his advert.

    “I’m pleased to tell you that my horsebox has been sold (funds in bank) and I wish to thank you very much for your help, particularly since you looked over the advert for me. It made all the difference. Until this morning I thought I would have to readvertise, now I’m very relieved I don’t.”

    This very happy advertiser would use H&H again and recommends us to her friends.

    “It was a very hard decision for me to sell my beloved boy so I was so pleased that the first person to come and see him fell in love with him. He has gone to a super home where he will be much loved and spoilt. I couldn’t be happier. H&H is excellent for quality horses that obviously attract quality buyers. Thank you H&H”

    And this advertiser quickly filled her job vacancy through H&H.

    “Got 17 replies to my sits vac advert in just 2 weeks. Would definitely use H&H again.”

    If you would like to advertise your horse or horsebox for sale with Horse & Hound, book your advert online now or call 0800 731 0616 to speak to a member of the classified team.

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