How much is a horse worth?

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    So what should you be paying for a good, average, family all-rounder – say a 15.2hh-16hh, seven-year-old part-thoroughbred?

    “There’s a big variation in price, but private buyers at auction sales are paying between £2,500- £4,000 for something around six to seven years old to do a good job for all the family,” says Terry Court of sport horse auctioneers Brightwells

    “A 15.2hh seven-year-old with some ability to compete and yet be a good all-rounder should be around £3,000- £4,000,” says Paul Clements, Clements Equine

    “The price should reflect the quality of the horse, but around £5,000-plus is about right for a good family all-rounder at seven to nine years old depending on experience,” says Anni Inceman, SE Horses

    To find out more about how horse prices have been affected by the recession, whether selling a horse cheap makes buyers wary and what you should be paying for a horse, see the current issue of Horse & Hound, 23 December 2010

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