You know your horse has become your pet when…

  • As horse owners we are typically extremely fond of our equine partners. We’re only too happy to go the extra mile to give our horses the best we can afford in return for the satisfaction they provide to us under saddle or in-hand. But at which point do they cross the line into becoming our pets?

    We take a tongue-in-cheek look at signs that might suggest your horse is no longer your equine partner-in-crime, but has actually become a rather large and extremely expensive pet instead.

    Signs your horse is really a pet

    ♦ When it’s cold and wet outside, you wish you could bring your horse into your house.

    ♦ Your horse has a more extensive wardrobe that you do. This includes matching headcollars, rugs, bandages and saddle cloths, with a different colour for every day of the week.

    ♦ You can’t bear to be parted from your horse so you keep a photo of him in your wallet, have a bracelet made from his tail hair that you wear at all times and have one of his shoes (polished and mounted on the wooden block) on your desk at work.

    ♦ You never miss those important chances to buy you horse a card and a gift: birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day . And his stable isn’t complete if it’s not decorated for the festive season, complete with a wreath for his stable door – even though he just wants to eat it.

    ♦ Your idea of a great Saturday night is sat in your horse’s stable watching him eat/drink/snooze. If you manage to get him to rest his head on your lap, then your life is complete. If you can’t be there, you leave a large stuffed toy in his stable to keep him company.

    ♦ While you can’t remember when you last had time to pamper yourself, your horse is always groomed to perfection and has frequent sports massage sessions to keep him feel loose, despite not seeing his saddle for the past five years

    ♦ You sometimes wonder whether your horse might like a change of colour scheme in his stable. White walls and dark kickboards are so last year after all. Perhaps a range of blues or green might be more up his street?

    Do any of these ring true to you? What other signs are there that your horse has become an oversized, expensive pet? Let us know below…

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