This is what a jumping megastar looks like…

  • Victory at the Liverpool International was a fitting end to the brilliant partnership between Jodie Hall-McAteer and the outstanding — if quirky — chestnut mare Tixylix.

    Few ponies have been quite so successful with so many young jockeys and, for the past 13 years, the brilliant Tixylix has been thrilling the crowds — and making us all slightly envious that we didn’t have a 148cm pony like that to ride, too.

    So to celebrate this brilliant, spring-heeled 19-year-old, here are just eight reasons we think Tixylix is a jumping megastar.

    1. She’s a winning machine

    Jodie Hall McAteer riding Tixylix, winner of The Mince Pie Stakes at the Olympia International Horse Show at Olympia, London, UK; on 19 th December 2016

    Over the years, riders such as Emma Akers, Zoe Adams, Jessica Mendoza and Jodie Hall-McAteer (pictured) have taken the reins, clocking up nearly £50,000 in prize-money. Tixylix simply doesn’t know how to lose.

    2. She’s a brilliant pony to have on your team

    Jessica Mendoza and Tixylix win the first John Whitaker JA qualifier at the Towerlands Park 148cm premier 2010

    Jessica Mendoza paired up with Tixylix from 2008 to 2012, capturing two team gold medals at pony European championships, as well as an individual bronze, and the mare was on gold-winning squads with both Zoe Adams and Jodie Hall-McAteer, too.

    3. She jumps for joy

    Jodie Mceteer and Tixylix fly into silver medal position in the Individual competition, European Pony Championships, Malmo, 9-8-15

    The smile on Jodie’s face says it all — she may not be the easiest pony to ride but she certainly gives her jockeys a real buzz in the ring!

    4. She could outjump most horses

    Jessica Mendoza and Tixylix winners of the JA grand prix at POYS 2010

    Despite standing just 148cm, Tixylix has the scope to clear obstacles breathtakingly high and nerve-shatteringly wide. We’re pretty sure she’s got springs installed in those dainty hooves.

    5. Blink and you’ll miss her

    Tixylix Jodie Hall McAteer

    Warp speed is Tixylix’s default mode and she relishes every opportunity to give her jockey a thrilling ride against the clock.

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    6. She’s been a brilliant stepping stone for her riders


    That transitional stage between ponies and horses can sometimes be fraught, but Tixylix (seen here with Zoe Adams) has provided each of her riders with a brilliant send off into the big league.

    7. She has been at the top of her game for more than 12 years

    H.O.Y.S. 08.10.04 (3)

    Even back in 2004 (here with Emma Akers), Tixylix was already stacking up the red rosettes and silverware.

    8. She sealed her latest partnership with a tremendous grand slam

    Jodie Hall-mcateer riding TIXYLIX owned by Sarah Mendoza, Winner of the Leading Pony Show Jumper of the Year during HOYS in the NEC in Warwickshire in the UK on 6th October 2016

    HOYS? Tick. Olympia? Tick. Liverpool? Tick. Jodie Hall-McAteer and Tixylix gallop out of the spotlight for the final time with an unprecedented hat-trick of 148cm championships on the trot. Thank you Tixylix, you’re an absolute legend.

    Don’t miss the full report from the Liverpool International in tomorrow’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (5 January 2017)

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