‘There’s no textbook way’: Katie Jerram-Hunnable on channelling the talented but tricky horse

  • As one of the leading showing producers on the circuit, there a few titles that Katie Jerram-Hunnable has not won.

    With multiple Horse of the Year Show and Royal International accolades under her belt, Katie is one of the best in the business, even being the producer of choice for The Queen. And Essex-based Katie is quick to credit her impressive string of horses, past and present, for her enviable tally.

    But as the saying goes, some of the best horses are often the most difficult, as Katie discussed with showing editor Alex Robinson on episode 61 of the Horse & Hound podcast.

    “You have to work with your horses as individuals,” said Katie. “There’s no set way to work any one horse and you’ve got to get into their brains and learn their preferred ways of working.

    “You have to make sure they’re happy with with their routines, too. We feed our horses the same feeds all year round and give the same turnout as well as the same turnout partner. If they don’t seem to like something I admit I do take it home with me and think about it a lot.

    “There is no textbook way of doing a horse. We work with them, not against them. If they don’t like something, for example standing still, I don’t get cross I just get on with it. Take the horse to lots of places and teach them that it’s not a major hassle or a big deal. Take the horse down a peg, too, and do the smaller things so they can digest it and get used to it. Hopefully, they will come out the other side.

    “If might be easy for me to say this, and of course, it won’t work with all of them, but 99 percent of the time if you can understand a horse and work with him as if he’s your best friend you’ll get there.”

    Listen to Katie talk about some of her top horses from her career on episode 61 of the Horse & Hound podcast. 

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