SUPAlyx is back and promises to be the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas! *Promotion*

  • Promotional Feature with Nettex

    This Christmas Nettex Equine has the perfect gift for your four-legged friend.

    Nettex has re-launched SUPAlyx Horse & Pony licks – the tasty, molasses-based vitamin and mineral licks designed to help keep your horse or pony happy and healthy all year round. The ever popular formula that horses love remains the same, but the new, improved, recyclable 6kg tub with an extra 20% extra free* with every purchase means there has never been a better reason to treat your horse this Christmas.

    SUPAlyx products maintain the same trusted formulations. All varieties include Diamond V XPC, a unique fermentation product with a prebiotic function to help nurture hindgut microbial populations and support digestive performance, biotin and protected zinc to aid hoof quality, and selenised yeast and Vitamin E to support overall health and the immune system. SUPAlyx is also high in naturally sourced soya protein to support muscle strength and repair, a healthy skin and coat as well as colostrum development in mares. If all of that isn’t enough, SUPAlyx is lower in sugar and high in nutrition compared to some alternatives on the market.

    SUPAlyx provides a simple but highly effective way to balance any shortfalls in your horse’s diet. With four flavours to choose from, each with its own range of specific nutritional benefits, you can treat your horse to all four to help keep them happy, healthy and occupied throughout the year.

    SUPAlyx Original — includes vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help support good skeletal growth, strong hoof structure, energy metabolism and a healthy immune system.

    SUPAlyx Easy Breather — with a blend of eucalyptus, plant extracts and essential oils that are beneficial for soothing properties, it helps provide comfort from the signs associated with coughs and colds.

    SUPAlyx Garlic — added Garlic to help discourage biting insects and support digestive health and well-being.

    SUPAlyx Nimble — formulated with glucosamine, MSM, cod liver oil and vitamin C to help maintain healthy joints and support mobility.

    The new SUPAlyx tub comes with a useful removable handle, making it easier for users to carry and remove once placed in the field or stable to alleviate the worry of a horse or pony getting caught up.

    With the whole host of benefits this range offers, it promises to be the gift that just keeps on giving this Christmas — make sure your horse or pony doesn’t miss out.

    *6kg tub for the price of a 5kg tub, based on market pricing.

    For more information and to find your nearest stockist, visit https://www.nettexequine.com/stockists/here

    SSP: £16.50

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