Pippa Roome’s European Eventing Championships blog: ‘I would come to Luhmühlen just to eat Langos…’

If you have never been to Luhmühlen, come. Book your tickets now for next year.

Shall I tell you the reason, ladies and gentlemen?


Yes, even if there were no horses, I would come to this corner of Germany just for a bit of fried batter with sour cream (sauerrahm) and cheese (käse) and ham (schinken) on it. Trust me, it’s worth it.


The Longines FEI European Eventing Championships is my seventh championship for Horse & Hound and I always get nervous beforehand. What if… I can’t think of enough things to write about (this never happens)? I miss talking to a crucial rider (this happens, but there are always ways round it)? I fail to see the most important moment of the competition because I’m talking to a rider (see previous brackets)? What if, what if…

This time, I had a new worry. What if the Langos stand which is always present at the regular Luhmühlen fixture in June hadn’t been booked for the European Championships? I haven’t been to Luhmühlen for a few years and the meantime, I’ve introduced H&H’s other reporters here, Catherine Austen and Gemma Redrup, to the joys of Langos — but now, I felt it was time I ate one for myself.

So imagine my delight yesterday when we marched off on our cross-country course-walk and spotted the Langos stand on the way. Phew.

I’m pleased to report I’ve now eaten two Langos this week and they are as delightful as ever…

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Aside from Langos, things are pretty good here.

The weather today was a touch cooler than yesterday, after rain this morning, so being in the press tent feels a little less like being baked alive.

The layout at Luhmühlen is excellent for press — our tent is about 10m from the main arena, so we can just wander out to watch dresssage tests. And the area we mill about in is also where riders, officials and team staff mill about, so you feel wonderfully close the action. The mixed zone, for interviews, is just round the corner, so it’s easy to move from press tent to mixed zone to arena without missing anything.

Now we just need a couple of British gold medals and this week will be the stuff that dreams are made of…

Check back for more updates from the Eventing European Championships in Luhmühlen all week, plus full report in next week’s Horse & Hound magazine (dated 5 September).