Be prepared for laminitis season: feed, supplements and more *Promotion*

  • Spring has sprung so it's time to get prepared for the risk of laminitis as the grass starts to grow. Here is a selection of laminitis supplements and other products to help you stay one step ahead

    Equilibrium Products Vitamunch

    vitamunch and netVitamunch is a unique healthy, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal-free fortified snack that can be enjoyed at any time. The quality assured fibre, low calorie, low sugar composition plus added vitamins and minerals fit with published dietary recommendations for laminitic horses and ponies. Vitamunch is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, together with added horse-favourite herbs. Each vitamunch provides at least 50% of published daily vitamin and mineral requirements. A perfect boredom breaker without added sugar, the compressed block encourages nibbling. Eating time can be extended further when fed in the munch net. Two flavours available: Vitamunch heavenly hedgerow with added rosehips, hawthorn leaf and cleavers and Vitamunch marvellous meadow with added dandelion, red clover and nettle.
    RRP: £2.95 (munch net RRP: £2.95)
    Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com, email info@equilibriumproducts.com or call 01442 879115

    High Fibre HorseHage

    6.High Fibre HorseHageHigh Fibre HorseHage is a dust-free, bagged forage made from selected ryegrasses which have been allowed to mature before harvesting to attain higher fibre, lower protein and lower energy levels. Being lower in sugar than most hays, High Fibre HorseHage carries the hoof kind logo to show that it is safe to feed to laminitics.
    RRP: £7.75 per compressed bale
    Visit: www.horsehage.co.uk or call 01803 527257

    Verdo horse bedding Verdo Photoshoot with Gemma Tattersall 2014.

    Standing on wet, soiled bedding can compromise foot health and dusty bedding can also aggravate respiratory conditions. Fortunately Verdo horse bedding, the clever heat treated 100% virgin soft wood pellet bedding goes that extra mile to helping ensure that your horse or pony has a dry, comfortable and low dust bed day and night. The bedding absorbs three times is own weight in liquid and because the bedding created from the activated pellets becomes light and fluffy, unlike traditional bedding, Verdo “contains” the wet as opposed to it sinking down through the bedding and along the floor. This not only helps maintain a dry environment, but also helps reduces ammonia, which again helps ensure that your horse is happier and healthier in the stable. Verdo horse bedding also boasts a low dust content, making it the ideal choice for horses with respiratory issues. It comes in compact, easy to store bags, which once a small amount of water is added to the bag, a regeneration process is activated and within approximately 15 minutes, you are ready to empty the open bags out into the stable to create a soft fluffy and dry bed ready for your equine friend.
    RRP: From £5.65
    Visit: www.verdohorsebedding.co.uk or call 01264 726 760

    Vitex4 Equids

    003_vitex4equids__33068.1408660296.1280.1280Cushing’s Disease is a common predisposing cause of laminitis in equids. Vitex4 Equids is The Laminitis Clinic’s method of choice in helping combat Cushing’s Disease. Vitex4 Equids is very palatable and has no known side-effects, available in 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers. A 2.5 litre supply of Vitex4 Equids will last a 360kg bodyweight pony for 42 days at an administration rate of 60 ml per day in the feed.
    RRP: From £39.99
    Visit: www.equilife.co.uk or call 01249-890784

    Animalife Vetrofen Healthy

    12.Vetrofen HealthyVetrofen Healthy is a new supplement designed to give everyday support to comfort and mobility in active or ageing horses. Vetrofen Healthy is a proprietary blend of three plant sources known for their effective plant antioxidant support. The supplement supports comfort and mobility by uniquely addressing the supply of dietary antioxidants to the metabolic processes involved. It harnesses the power of specific plant phytochemicals from natural sources. Each work synergistically to provide support to key areas where antioxidant support is required on a daily basis — in the joints and muscles, and immune system. The concentrated and varied antioxidant profile of Vetrofen Healthy works to promotes overall wellbeing and quality of life of your horse. Great for keeping the active or ageing horse comfortable and happy. The product is free from banned substances and does not contain devil’s claw. The unique formulation is available in 120g and 360g tubs.
    RRP: from £19.99
    Visit: www.animalife.co.uk or call 0845 365 0050

    LaminShield Pure

    16.LaminShield box pic

    LaminShield Pure is made using bioplex, copper, sulphur, iron and magnesium and comes in the form of individual sachets. Magnesium is an important part in hundreds of body processes and a deficiency can lead to a number of health issues. The other ingredients help to support hoof health and overall body condition.
    RRP: £30.24 for 28 sachets
    Visit: www.rockies.co.uk or call 01606 595025

    Nettex Gut Balancer


    Research has shown that feeding pre and pro biotics after bouts of laminitis can be beneficial to restoring the balance of the gastrointestinal tract. Nettex Gut Balancer contains pre and pro biotics and is formulated using the highest grade ingredients. It is unique as it contains diamond V, a concentrated yeast culture. Diamond V can complement and enhance feed digestibility, palatability, fibre digestion and overall health efficiently and quickly.
    RRP: from £16.99
    Visit: www.nettexequine.com or call 01634 257150

    Equi Life WeighTape

    WeightapeWeighTape enables you to measure your horse’s weight for dosing purposes by simply placing the tape around his trunk. Alternatively you can use a formula written on the tape. Suitable for horses and ponies, the WeighTape makes it easy for you to keep your horse at the correct condition score when trying to avoid laminitis.
    RRP: £5.10
    Visit: www.equilife.co.uk or call 01249 890784

    Allen & Page Fast Fibre


    Allen & Page’s Fast Fibre is ideally suited to overweight horses and ponies, or those prone to laminitis as it is formulated without barley and molasses.
    RRP: From £7.90
    Visit: www.allenandpage.com

    TopSpec AntiLam

    4.AntilamTopSpec AntiLam is a palatable, pelleted multi-supplement designed to provide nutritional support for those susceptible to, being treated for, and recovering from laminitis. The high fibre base includes a broad spectrum supplement, therapeutic hoof supplement and pure, protected yeast which creates beneficial conditions for the growth of fibre-digesting bacteria in the hindgut.
    RRP: £26.95
    Visit: www.topspec.com or call 01845 565030

    Horse and Pony Direct Low Calorie Feed Balancer

    14.lowcalorie_balancerHorse and Pony Direct’s Low Calorie Feed Balancer is whole cereal and molasses free making it very low in sugar and starch so it is ideal for laminitis-prone or overweight horses and ponies. It contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your horse or pony requires on a daily basis.
    RRP: £19.99
    Visit: www.horseandponydirect.com or call 0844 2472144

    Nupafeed Staying Power

    25.SP 1ltr CMYK

    Formulated to help boost stamina in horses and ponies that tire easily. Staying power supports healthy energy metabolism making it ideal for those that require a restricted diet. It is easy and flexible to feed.
    RRP: £39
    Visit: www.nupafeed.co.uk, call 01438 861 900 or email info@nupafeed.net

    Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion

    36.Magic Cushion Demo

    Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion hoof packing is an efficient way to cool and cushion bruised soles and sore feet and brings comfort for horses and ponies suffering from laminitis. Thermography tests show that the all-natural formula starts working to reduce heat in hooves in just one hour.
    RRP: from £50
    Visit: www.absorbine.co.uk

    Fine Fettle Feed Happy Tummy

    15.500 g.new

    Historically, charcoal has been used as a detoxifier and Happy Tummy charcoal is ideal for laminitis prone horses when fed on a regular basis. It is also suitable if your horse is already suffering from laminitis.
    RRP: from £20.50
    Visit: www.finefettlefeed.com or call 01600 712496


    24. SB BAGSpeedi-Beet is a highly nutritious micronized (cooked) beet pulp feed which provides an excellent source of digestible fibre and is approved by The Laminitis Trust. Due to its unique manufacturing process, Speedi-Beet can be soaked and ready to use in just 10 minutes. Stabilise the ingestion of sugars present in spring grass when Speedi-Beet is fed before turnout.
    RRP: from £10.95
    Visit: www.britishhorsefeeds.com or call 01765 680300

    Pernamax Equine tablets

    26.100_largePernamax Equine tablets contain a patented green lipped mussel extract called SuPerna, which has a unique profile of Omega 3 ETA fatty acids. These fatty acids are known for their potent soothing properties, which support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes. Pernamax equine tablets can be used as a natural alternative to Bute.
    RRP: from £26.95
    Visit: www.maxavita.com or call 08450 752754

    FMBs Therapy Systems Activo-med Hoof Boot


    The Activo-med Hoof Boot combines pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and massage in one product designed specifically for hooves. It can be used for a number of conditions including inflammation, concussion, ligament and tendon damage and more.
    RRP: many configurations are available, and the product is also available to hire.
    Visit: www.fmbs.co.uk or call 01494 883433

    Veterinary Thermal Imaging hoof scan

    30.inflammation in hoof capsule

    Veterinary Thermal Imaging uses state of the art infra red cameras to map heat patterns across the horse’s hoof. The scan can assist with the detection and management of a range of issues, including laminitis, which can then be treated by a vet. This non-invasive service is completely mobile and doesn’t require the horse to be sedated.
    RRP: £40 plus travel per pair of feet
    Visit: www.veterinary-thermal-imaging.com or call 0844 544 3314

    Equine America Lamigard TRT Pellets

    31.Lamigard TRT Pellets 908g

    This is a highly effective supplement for horses and ponies and can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. Lamigard TRT will help your horse’s feet remain healthy all year round and will compliment a careful feeding regime. Lamigard TRT contains powerful ingredients to help mop up excess free radicals which settle in the feet, supporting a healthy enzyme level within the hooves and providing nutrients to the internal sensitive structures, as well as promoting external hoof wall condition.
    RRP: From £39.99
    Visit: www.equine-america.co.uk

    Rowen Barbary solution mash

    33.Solution Mash with shadow

    Containing under 1% total sugar but with 150gm of oil in every 1kg solution, this mash is suitable for poor doers that suffer from laminitis but require weight gain and condition.
    RRP: from £15.43
    Visit: www.rowenbarbary.co.uk or call 01948 880698

    Dodson & Horrell High Fibre Nuts

    34.High Fibre Nuts - LA high fibre, low cereal cube suitable for horses and ponies in light work; also ideal for good-doers and those prone to excess weight gain or laminitis. Low in sugar and fully balanced with a complete range of added vitamins, chelated minerals and antioxidants.
    RRP: from £8.45
    Visit: www.dodsonandhorrell.com

    Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps

    magnetic chapsEquilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps can be worn in the stable to help horses and ponies prone to laminitis by increasing blood flow and promoting faster healing in horse’s legs. The clinical grade VITAflex magnets present positive and negative poles to the body to encourage constant repelling and attracting of the blood cells, making them highly effective at keeping cells in an active regenerating state. This improves circulation, which accelerates the influx of nutrients and the removal of toxins.
    Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com; email info@equilibriumproducts.com or call 01442 879115

    Equifest LamiCORE


    The unique mix of ingredients in LamiCORE provides exceptional support for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and other metabolic conditions. LamiCORE contains a mix of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and Omega 3s as well as our patented chelated calcium technology, which anecdotally has been shown to be of benefit to those with metabolic conditions.
    RRP: five week starter pack of LamiCORE £65, 5 week follow-on £45.
    Visit: www.equifeast.co.uk or call 01453 836 974

    For the latest veterinary news on laminitis treatments, plus more products developed to help support horses prone to the condition, turn to p20 of Horse & Hound magazine (19 March, 2015)

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