Horse & Hound’s BIG quiz of the year 2014

  • Even if you’re busy with the horses, we know it’s extremely likely there will be some point during the festive period when you are looking for something to keep you entertained for a few minutes before you get on with whatever it is you should be doing.

    You might be sat at home with nothing worth watching on the TV, or you could be on your smart phone while grabbing 10mins in the tackroom to warm up with a quick cuppa before cracking on with the rest of those important equine chores.

    So being the helpful people we are, we’ve put together a series of online quizzes to test your knowledge of the year gone by. We’ve got a general review of the year quiz, one based on the major news stories of 2014, ones looking back across the past 12 months for the equestrian sports of dressage, eventing, showjumping and racing, plus one about this website and one about our magazine. So now is the time to sit down to see if your memory of 2014 — and knowledge of all things Horse & Hound — is really as good as you thought it was.

    Each quiz features 10 multiple choice questions, so they are quick and easy to complete. The quiz will open in a new page when you click on the buttons below. Once you have completed the quiz you will be given a score. Simply close the window when you are done to return to this page and choose another quiz to try.

    Let’s get started with a general look back at some general equestrian highlights of the past 12 months. Good luck!


    How closely were you following our equestrian news service during 2014? Find out now.


    Calling all showjumping fans! Test your memory of 2014 right now.


    Were you following the sport of eventing during 2014? Find out how much you remembered.


    Find out how good your knowledge is of the highs and lows of dressage during 2014.


    Are you a racing fanatic? Test your memory of the past 12 months.


    How well do you think you know our website? Find out right now.


    Do you know the magazine inside out? Test your knowledge here.


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