9 ways to give your baby the horsey bug before they can walk (or talk)

  • Having a baby might mean putting horses on hold. But there’s a fast track way to compensate — kit out your baby in all things equestrian, from bibs and baby grows to towels and pony shoes

    1. Bits bib

    Zazzle bit bib
    Avoid ruining your baby’s get-up with food by using this ultra-soft bib with a bits print, made from polyester fleece with a Velcro fastening.
    Price: £21.95
    Visit: www.zazzle.co.uk

    2. Pink horse baby grow

    A pack of two babygrows, made from lightweight, supersoft cotton — ideal for the summer.
    Price: £12.95
    Visit: www.joules.com

    3. Baby horse shoes with ponies

    Ezzy Lou
    When you’re exhausted and wishing you were mucking out rather than changing nappies, these pony shoes might put a smile back on your face. Made from soft, breathable leather that protects your baby’s feet and allows them to grow naturally — plus they have elasticated ankles to make sure they stay on.
    Price: £15.30
    Visit: www.ezzylou.co.uk

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    4. ‘Born to ride’ baby grow

    Born to ride
    Your baby might be too small to sit on a pony, but you can still make it clear what he or she is destined to do from the off. Made from 100% cotton with poppers to make it easy to get on and off.
    Price: £11.50
    Visit: www.luvponies.com

    5. ‘Keep calm, let’s go showjumping’ baby grow

    Keep Calm
    This is the baby grow for a wannabe Whitaker who has his sights set on the bright lights of Olympia.
    Price: £5.95
    Visit: www.ebay.co.uk

    6. ‘Future jockey’ baby grow

    Cafe Press
    Let your baby sleep soundly, dreaming of soaring through the finish line alone and lifting the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Made from 100% soft cotton jersey.
    Visit: www.cafepress.co.uk

    7. Equestrian towelling

    Em & Lou
    Wrap your baby up after the bath with a horsey twist, with this equestrian-inspired hooded towel from Em & Lu.
    Price: £20
    Visit: www.emandlu.co.uk

    8. Mini jockey silks

    Baby jockey silks
    It might be too soon to put your baby in a hat and boots — but it’s never too soon to test out some racing silks for size…
    Price: from $15 (£9.50)
    Visit: joycesracingsilks.com

    9. Donkey slippers

    Donkey slippers
    Not quite horses (but nearly) — these donkey felt slippers won’t fail to make your baby pick up the equine vibe. They have been designed in England and handmade in Kathmandu, using organic Tibetan wool.
    Price: £23.99
    Visit: www.thewoolroom.com

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