How fit is your horse? 5 key fitness indicators to look out for

  • Competition success often comes down to your horse’s fitness levels. H&H asks the experts what the key fitness indicators to look out for are.

    1. BREATHING: six-time Badminton winner Lucinda Green always used to gauge whether her horses were fit enough by the recovery rate of their breathing after a hard workout. “After galloping or going across country, I would expect a fit horse’s breathing to return to normal after 20min,” she says.

    2. HEART RATE: this is less easy to measure than breathing as it requires a heart-rate monitor. An increase in fitness is associated with a reduction in a horse’s heart rate after any one given workout. “I used to use a heart-rate monitor — it is a useful piece of equipment,” says Lucinda.

    3. FEEL: if your horse is giving you the same feel at the end of a session as at the beginning, you know that he is feeling in tip-top shape. Grand prix dressage rider and List 1 judge Mark Ruddock says: “If he turns down the centre line at the end of a test feeling less powerful, flat or lacking the cadence and spring he had at the start, then he’s probably not fit enough.”

    4. APPEARANCE: a horse’s coat and body shape reveals a lot. Eventer and H&H blogger Rosie Fry says: “You can tell if a horse is ready to run as he will look well and ‘hard’ in his condition. His coat will shine and his muscles will ripple.”

    5. STATS: by logging the various parameters of your horse’s fitness programme and training, you have a baseline to work from. “I encourage riders to keep a diary of the work they do with their horses, their recovery times, how long they’ve worked and how they feel,” says trainer Caroline Moore.

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