Forget trick-or-treating — dressing your horse up as a ghost/ joker/ skeleton/ Grim Reaper is the way to celebrate Halloween in style this year.

Whether you’re the type of person that slaves over a costume for months to make sure you wow on show day, or one that takes the cheat’s route of bagging a supermarket bargain, we’ve all indulged in dressing our horses and ponies up once or twice. And this time of year is the perfect opportunity to go to town. Surely your horse won’t mind a green mane, unicorn horn or fake wound?

As the trick-or-treaters start flooding in over the weekend, make sure you have your treats at the ready for humans and horses alike. We wouldn’t say no to this motley bunch…

The alien

Tina and Steve
Tina Davies on Lou Lou

A pair of devils

Squirral copy

Three-year-old Deacon with her four-year-old pony Southwaite Calendar Girl

A sleepy-looking wizard

Sophie Claydon copy

Sophie Claydon’s 18-year-old rescue pony Piper, a Welsh section A.

Continued below…

The dragon

Scott Newman
Stephanie Eaton and Narvarre Full Moon (Chelsea)

The witch

Molly Beadle
Molly Beadle

… another witch

Happy Halloween
Seven-year-old Isla Anderson with Roger in Colorado, USA

The Grim Reaper

Lauren Jones
Lauran Jones with her ex-racehorse Woody

The unicorn

Kuchina Johnson
Casanova, sent in by Kuchina Johnson

A halloween medley

Jen Bernard
North West Driving Club members Marina and Ted Chapman with Shetland pony Morag along with friend Sue Noreci and her three children, Leah, Elsa and Jamie.

… and another witch

Hannah1 Wood
Edie Codd riding Dolly

The clown

Elaine Dainty
Elaine Dainty with Darco

…another Grim Reaper

Christine Talbot
Christine Talbot with her KWPN mare Nahajola (Lola).

The skeleton riding another skeleton

Caroline Kirby
Mia Kirby and Saffron

…another witch

Belinda Ramsey
Elaine Hobkirk and Saffy at Lane Farm Equestrian’s halloween showjumping night

The skeleton riding a spider

Alexander Gillman
Four-year-old son Oliver Gillman and his pony Tuffty at a Halloween show last year

And finally… one last witch???

A Biggs
Amy Biggs and Lahinch Lad