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    Discovering how to research and find the right land for you — and your horse — means a better lifestyle for you both

    Picture your perfect equestrian property. Now imagine your horse is there. Finding the right home for you and your horses should be as simple as that; but until now, researching and buying land has been an uninspiring experience.

    When you own a horse, it’s crucially important that they’re healthy and happy.  The key to that is where they live. The right piece of land depends on many factors, such as topography, public rights of way, flood zone, use type and even the permissions granted to adjoining land. You need to know you’re getting all of this right, first time — and for a fair market price. 

    If you own land that would be perfect for horses, then finding the right buyer can be just as much of a challenge. Addland helps you understand all the factors that make land attractive for your buyers, so you only hear from people who are truly interested in following through on the purchase. 


    A platform that makes land simple
    That’s why Addland.com was created. A dedicated platform for people who need land, work with land, or have land to sell, Addland makes things simple and showcases some of the best properties like this one shown in Maidenhead

    Our aim is to bring land to life — making it visible and accessible to all. We’re used by land agents, farmers and property developers, among many others, to access the information and services they need. Through easy search functions that let you target specific needs like equestrian land, and access to advanced map data showing all of the environmental considerations, Addland lets anyone unlock the potential of land. 

    We created Addland because people needed this level of control at their fingertips. We listened to every stakeholder in the industry, from agents to developers, farmers and equestrians, so we could build a platform that works for everyone. 


    Why find land through Addland?
    Today, we’re the single destination for the land industry, and the first place you need to look to find your perfect plot. Addland showcases land in an easy-to-use online platform that offers simple map based tools to locate the right plot quickly and easily.

    We’ve built a strong relationship with agents and landowners who work in the land industry and can share that access with buyers and sellers at any level. Whether you’re searching for an equestrian property or a single paddock, you’ll find it faster on Addland. 

    How we’re making land easy

    • Look for particular types of land
    • Save your favourite plots
    • Check your own land for sale
    • See photos and maps of each plot 
    • View all environmental considerations 
    • Understand if the land is suitable
    • Make offers and transact online
    • Access all agents in one place 
    • Divide land into multiple plots
    • Present land beautifully online

    “We created a single destination that gives you all the information you need about your land, in seconds.” 

    Bringing Land to Life
    We think that this is a remarkable time for anyone to buy or sell land. Finally, the power of digital tools can deliver exactly what you need, in a way that’s simple enough to use immediately — and enjoyable, too. 

    In just a few clicks, you’ll come across plots of land that fit your needs perfectly, and you’ll be able to access every helpful insight as you search. From nearby ancient woodlands and listed buildings to local nature reserves, conservation areas and public right of ways, each layer of information builds up a picture of a place where you — and your horse — will be happy. 

    Think Land. Think Addland.com

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