Fancy trying JumpCross? Here’s what you need to know

  • Whether you want to get the rush of going cross-country without the worry of having to jump solid fences, or perhaps you would like to use it as a training tool for a young horse, JumpCross is something you need to try.

    Here we explain what it involves, the classes on offer, what you need to wear and where you can have a go at it.

    What is JumpCross?

    JumpCross combines the undulating terrain and natural elements you might find on a cross-country course with knock-down fences. It is an excellent way of training both horse and rider in the art of cross-country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

    yet commanding balance, skill and respect in order to jump them cleanly. The patented design of the JumpCross course, enables the poles to fall away from the horse should he knock them. This vastly reduces the possibility of rider injury should the horse hit the fence, he will merely run through it.

    What are the rules?

    Almost anyone can take part in JumpCross (there is a minimum rider age of seven and horses must be a minimum of four-years-old).

    > Knock-down 20 penalties for each knock-down.
    > Refusal 50 penalties for each refusal (two refusals at the same fence and you will be asked to move on to the next fence).
    > Six refusals around the course – Elimination
    > Rider fall – Elimination
    > Horse fall – Elimination
    Courses will be approximately 1500-2000m in length and include up to 25 jumping obstacles, all of similar colour, but of variable style and technicality. Usually there is a joker option at the last fence which is approximately six inches higher than the rest of the course. If you clear the joker, 40 penalties will be taken off your score. If you knock it down, 40 penalties will be added to your final score.

    Each riders score is calculated by taking their time to complete the complete course (in seconds) and adding on any penalties for knock-downs and refusals and penalties added or deducted for jumping the joker. The rider with the lowest score is the winner.

    Enter JumpCross in September

    Enter JumpCross in October

    What sort of classes are on offer?

    There are five levels of competition within JumpCross:

    • Grassroots —2’0
    • Intro — 2′-2’6″
    • Group three — average height 2’9″
    • Group two —3′-3’3″
    • Group one —3’6″-3’9″

    What should I wear?

    Cross-country attire is usually worn including the correct standard of hats and body protectors must be worn, as must a medical armband.

    Where can I find out more and enter?

    For more details on where you can have a go at JumpCross and to enter visit the slick and straightforward entries site Equo


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