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Many of us would describe our horse as our best friend or part of the family. Like any family member, you would do anything to protect and look after your horse and seeing them in discomfort can be incredibly distressing. This was certainly the case for Petplan Equine customer Evie Haydon and her horse Valentine.


After being devastated by the loss of her previous horse to colic, Evie eventually decided to get another horse and met Valentine. Unbelievably, two years later her worst fear was realised when Valentine needed emergency colic surgery.

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Luckily Evie had horse insurance with Petplan Equine, which she could rely on to help her cover the cost of diagnosing and treating Valentine’s condition providing welcome peace of mind during what was already a very worrying time.

“At around 8:00pm one evening I received a phone call from my yard to say that Valentine had suspected colic, luckily the vet was there within 15 minutes. Two hours later the vet was back, Valentine had deteriorated and she was immediately referred as an emergency to the equine hospital.”

Valentine’s ultrasound scan revealed a twist in her gut which required surgery to save her life. Evie was beside herself with worry. “I didn’t know what I would have done, if I’d lost her,” she said.

Valentine’s surgery took over three hours and, unfortunately, complications followed the operation. Evie really didn’t think she would be bringing Valentine home.


Thankfully, she did, and now a year after surgery, Valentine is back out in her field; happy and healthy.

“She has made a remarkable recovery. I am so grateful that she is still here with us today. There would have been a great void if I had lost her. Without Petplan Equine’s help I don’t know how I would have covered the cost of her surgery.

“I cannot thank everyone involved in Valentine’s care enough, as without them she wouldn’t be here today. I feel the whole experience has brought us even closer and I just can’t imagine what I’d do without her. She really is my best friend,” said Evie.

You can watch Valentine and Evie’s full story here:

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