6 ways to thank your horse for all his hard work this year

  • Honestly, who gives their horses presents at Christmas? Well — we do, of course. Whether you have a few quid to spend, or no money at all, you can still treat your horse. Go on, you know you want to!

    1. Home-made Christmas horse treats

    Take three cups of oats and mix with one large grated apple, one large grated parsnip, one cup of molasses, and two tbsp vegetable oil. Stir it all well. Line a baking tin with baking paper, and press the mixture into it. Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 mins, or until golden brown. Cool in the refrigerator for a few hours then cut into treat-sized squares.

    2. Likit selection box

    Likit Selection Box

    If cooking isn’t your thing, how about one of these treat boxes, which not only contain three Likit Treat Bars in Apple, Carrot and Cherry, and two bags of Likit snaks in Apple & Cinnamon and Mint & Eucalyptus, but also a fun board game called Jump? Just to clarify – the treats are for your horse, the board game for you and your family. The opposite way round really doesn’t work for anyone.
    Price: £4.95
    Visit: www.naylors.com

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    3. Jolly mega ball

    Jolly Mega Ball

    A heavy duty inflatable ball made especially for horses, this toy is said to be puncture-proof — something your horse will have a lot of fun testing out. It’s great for horses on restricted turnout, or on poor winter pasture, and comes with a foot pump and plug.
    Price: £15.90
    Visit: www.manesupplies.co.uk

    4. Equilibrium Therapy massage mitt

    Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt

    And relaaaaax! Everyone enjoys a lovely massage — and horses are no exception. The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt promotes relaxation and improves flexibility and muscle condition. It’s lightweight, battery-operated and easy to use.
    Price: £95
    Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

    5. Golly Galoshes

    Golly Galoshes

    Protect your boots and bandages and keep your horse’s legs clean and dry with these funky gaiters. They come in flourescent colours for hacking, or a lovely smart navy or black. Legwarmers for horses – what’s not to like?
    Price: From £25.99 per pair
    Visit: www.gollygaloshes.com

    6. Lincoln Christmas treats stocking

    Lincoln Christmas Treats Stocking

    This fun equine Christmas stocking contains three packs of Lincoln Christmas Horse Bix. Lucky horse!
    Price: £8.49
    Visit: www.amazon.co.uk

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