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    Choosing the right bridle for your horse and the discipline you compete in can be a challenge. With so many bridles now available and an increasing move towards more sympathetically-designed bridles, there are a wide range of benefits offered by different brands and designs. Amateur eventer Lizzie Reid chats about the benefits of R&R Country’s five best-selling bridles:

    PS of Sweden – Pioneer bridle


    This bridle has a unique dropped noseband design that eliminates the problems that often occur with traditional models. The cross-sectional design of the noseband eliminates the risk of the cheek pieces being too close to the eyes of the horse. The sensitive Infraorbital nerve at the horse’s cheekbone is also left free of pressure.

    The patented headpiece is padded and allows the ears to move freely. The cheek pieces feature PS of Sweden’s selectable elastic cradles, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth, helping to even out pressure across the neck. The cradles are designed so they can easily be hooked on or off.

    Fairfax Performance bridle 


    One of the first bridles to be based on scientific research undertaken using pressure mapping and gait analysis. They are developed, designed and handmade in the UK using first selection Sedgwick’s bridle leather and fully lined with Prolite.

    The unique and quality design of the bridle reduces pressure and significantly improves extension, flexion and range of movement in performance horses. In addition to this the Performance bridle also enhances the horse’s comfort by improving stability. Available in a cavesson, drop or grackle noseband, the Performance bridle has an option for every horse.

    Fairfax Bridles must be fitted to your horse by a qualified stockist to ensure best fit.

    Rambo Micklem bridle


    The Micklem bridle has been designed from the inside out, using the shape of the horse’s skull, rather than the outward appearance of the head. It avoids pressure on the main fascial nerves, the projecting cheek bone and the molar teeth of the upper jaw.

    Available as a competition bridle or multibridle, the latter allows the rider to seamlessly transition between a bridle, lunge cavesson, bitless bridle and headcollar.

    With the competition bridle being FEI approved and suitable for all levels and disciplines, a growing number of amateur and professional riders are seeing the benefits of using the Micklem bridle.

    Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle


    This anatomic bridle concept focuses on the sensitive head of the horse. Due to the innovative alignment, it also provides the horse with ultimate wearing comfort. The new alignment avoids for instance the main facial nerve; it spares important blood vessels and arteries and reduces the pressure on the horse’s neck. The innovative check pieces can be attached directly to the noseband and thus provide the rider with an uncomplicated adjustment possibility.

    Being the first bridle style of this range, the Equitus Alpha is already approved for international competitions (FEI).

    Pessoa Grackle bridle


    This grackle bridle is beautifully crafted with a contrast stitch and dropped browband to give a touch of elegance. The bridle is anatomically shaped and has a padded headpiece which helps relieve poll pressure and contours around the ears to provide extra comfort to the horse. The bridle comes complete with soft rubber grip reins to complete the look and is also available as a flash bridle. An excellent choice for the rider wanting quality and comfort for their horse without a hefty price tag.

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