8 basic mistakes all riders have made at some point

  • The average equestrian’s mind is always running at a 100 miles per minute so it’s no wonder we make the odd slip up from time to time, even when completing the simplest of tasks. Even though we might fail our Pony Club tests with these errors, we have to laugh.

    Here are eight obvious mistakes all riders and owners — amateur or professional— have probably made at some point…

    1. Missed out a fence on a course

    It’s one of our worst fears, but at some point in your riding journey you’ll probably finish a course without completing all the obstacles. And it’s sod’s law that this particular round was one of your horse’s best ever performances…

    2. Drove off without putting the lorry steps up

    You’re usually notified of this potentially catastrophic mistake by a fellow competitor frantically running alongside your vehicle banging on the driver’s side door. Note, always check both mirrors before setting off!

    3. Put a rug on upside down

    Pre-coffee we’ve also been known to try fastening it up while it’s the wrong way round. Doh.

    4. Left your horse’s door open

    We’ve all done it and the level of chaos that ensues after this blip depends on the personality of your horse and the availabiliy of a full-blown break out. Some will choose to ignore the unfastened latch while others might take advantage and make a bid for freedom, leaving a trail of teeth marks and droppings in his wake.

    5. Didn’t tighten the girth before you got on

    Annoying, possibly painful and quite scary for the rider, but absolutely hilarious for anyone stood around watching.

    6. Put a bridle back together wrong

    Everytime we go to re-fit a bridle after a tack clean why is the noseband completely twisted, the bit on upside down and the reins on the wrong way round.

    Continued below…

    7. Forgot your yard clothes/boots after work

    Being at the yard in your work clothes just feels wrong. Hands up if you’ve ever filled haynets in your office suit, brought your horse in wearing your leather work shoes or changed rugs in your uniform.

    8. Forgotten your dressage test/show

    You practise hundreds of times at home and nail it everytime. You step into the arena and your mind goes blank. An absolute classic.

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