6 horsey April Fools’ we wish we true

  • If you’ve been caught out  by April Fools’ today, some of them might have left you feeling a little dejected — what if they were actually true? Here’s a few we’ve dreamt up that we really wish were true…

    No Poo

    This poo stain repellent means you will have more time in bed on the morning of a show and you will no longer need shares in various shampoo companies — simply spray onto your horse and wave goodbye to stable stains forever.

    Super saddle glue

    Depending on the horse you are riding, apply to your breeches to guarantee you don’t fall off. See also: equestrian seatbelt

    Equi Potty

    A must-have for any stabled horse, this creation will remove any need for you to muck out or poo pick ever again (once your horse has been trained to use it).

    Self-pole picker

    Schooling at home and there’s no one available to pole pick for you? Don’t worry, this self-pole picker will rebuild any fence you happen to knock down, removing the need for you to dismount and re-mount to put things right.

    Neigh Neigh

    This equestrian sat nav is no Tom Tom. If you find that you struggle to remember a course of fences or dressage tests, this is the answer to all of your blank moment prayers. Simply map in your route, plug into your saddle, link up the earphones which will voice command directions to your horse and away you go. This is also a great piece of kit for when you want to sit back and relax on a pre-mapped hack.

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    Perma-clean tack

    Sick of cleaning your tack? Well Perma-clean tack is what you have been waiting for. Its super-technological design means that it never gets dirty, greasy or loses its shine, which means you can store away your saddle soap for eternity. Box fresh tack 24/7 is here.

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