5 ways being an equestrian makes you more resilient

  • Here are five ways that your experiences with horses have made you into a more resilient person…

    1. You learn to take the rough with the smooth

    With horses, there are good days, bad days, amazing days and some truly horrendous days. But you know that it’s these days added together which makes up your own unique journey. There will be periods with your horse, and in life, where you’re flying high, completely in sync and smashing your goals. And then within the blink of an eye things can be turned on its head and everything can feel like it’s going wrong. But you know that those happy times are just around the corner, and it’s just how things go sometimes.

    2. You understand that things don’t always go the way you planned

    You can practice until you’re blue in the face, you can nail every move or jump at home and you can have the best lesson in the world, which leaves you on cloud nine. But at some competitions it’s just not your day and ultimately it was just not meant to be. And this process can repeat itself over and over again. You learn to trust the process and not get disheartened when things go wrong, even though this can be hard at times.

    3. You know that hard work can triumph talent

    As basketball coach Tim Notke said, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. You can have the most naturally athletic animal on the planet, or be the most gifted rider in your county, but if you don’t buckle down and dig deep you’re unlikely to achieve. Often, it’s a matter of practicing the same mundane routine day in day out and ensuring that you’ve got the basics in place before moving onto bigger things. Your talent won’t take you anywhere if you don’t put the effort in, both in and out of the saddle.

    4. You know how to get back up when you’ve fallen down (or off)

    Literally. Unless they’re in need of an ambulance, there are few horse riders who won’t get back on after they’ve had a fall. In life, when you get knocked down it can be a struggle to dust yourself off and get back up. But those set backs are what make you stronger and make you appreciate the good days even more.

    5. You know not to run before you can walk

    This one is so relevant with horses and is a premise you can carry through to lots of areas of life. While people might push and pressure you to get things done, you are aware that giving yourself that little bit of extra time and not cutting corners can pay off in the long run. And as with horses, people learn things at different paces, so being patient pays dividends.

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