5 reasons Alfa-A Oil is a great choice for your horse *Promotion*

Promotional Feature with Dengie

Who would like to be one-step ahead of the competition this season? Does your horse need energy without the fizz, amazing top line and show ring condition – then look no further than Dengie’s Alfa-A Oil.

Graham-Babes-Alfa-Oil-imageInternational showjumper Graham Babes says: “Dengie Alfa-A Oil provides my horses with the energy and stamina they require for travelling and competing, while helping them remain focussed on their work; they recover quicker after competitions too. I don’t leave home without it!”

Here are five reasons why Alfa-A Oil is the ultimate, pure alfalfa fibre feed that needs to be in your horse’s diet this season.

  1. Lots of energy but no fizz

Alfa-A Oil provides the same amount of energy, 12.5MJ/kg of digestible energy, as competition and conditioning mix/cubes, but with considerably lower levels of sugar (4.5%) and starch (2%) – this is about 10 times less starch. Feeding Alfa-A Oil means your horse receives a steady supply of slow release energy from fibre and oil, rather than the peaks and troughs associated with cereal feeding that can cause excitable episodes.

  1. High in oil for a super shiny coat

Oil is very energy-dense and makes an ideal addition to your horse’s diet if he is working hard and needs extra energy. It also has the added bonus of promoting healthy skin and beautiful coat shine – add Alfa-A Oil to your horse’s ration for an excellent bloom and show ring condition.

  1. Tip-top top-line

Alfalfa is a great source of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle tone. You need to work your horse correctly to build up muscle, but you also need to feed the right diet containing good quality protein sources.

  1. Full of fantastic fibre for a healthy digestive system

Fibre is a great source of energy, but it is important for lots of other reasons too. It takes three-times as much chewing as mixes and cubes, which generates lots of saliva – a great buffer to acidity in the digestive tract. Fibre also provides a fluid reservoir in the gut – more digestible fibres, such as alfalfa, release the water readily thereby aiding hydration. This means it is ideal when horses are working and competing in warm conditions.

Lucy-Jackson-jumpingInternational eventer Lucy Jackson says: “Dengie is essential for all of my horses. It provides them with quality nutrients, energy and stamina, while promoting a healthy digestive system, enabling them to perform at their best.”

  1. Copious amounts of calcium

Alfa-A Oil is abundant in calcium, which comes from the alfalfa – a natural source that is more bio-available than inorganic sources such as limestone. This helps to create healthy hooves, bones and teeth and also helps to buffer acidity in the gut.

Dressage-newInternational dressage rider and trainer Hannah Esberger-Hancock says: “Dengie Alfa-A Oil is perfect for my dressage horses. The quality fibre supports gastric health and I’m confident that they are getting all the energy they need to perform at the top level. I wouldn’t feed anything else.”

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