Caught on camera! Thrills and spills from the 2018 Mongol Derby

  • The Guinness Book of Records states that the Mongol Derby is the world’s longest and toughest horse race. The 2018 race, the 10th in its history, featured 18 men and 26 women from 12 countries, who bravely rode across 1,000km of Mongolia aboard the region’s famously tough native horses.

    Here are some of the thrills and spills from the famous race...

    1. High spirits

    From left to right: Trudi Thomas-Morton, Charmaine O’Neill, Cecilia Stone, Karrin O’Loughlin and Saif Noon enjoying the Mongol Derby experience.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    2. Eagle-eyed

    Following a tough few days, retired vet and endurance rider Pamela Karner, 64, from New York makes her way towards horse station number 13, with an eagle for company.

    Credit: Bill Selwyn

    3. Where is the sat-nav?

    Botswanan rider Michael Turner, who leads safaris all over the African continent, checks he is heading in the right direction.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    4. A hat with a difference

    American Matthew Graham, a fifth generation horse trainer, dons unique attire for the Mongol Derby.

    5. The Mongolian steeds

    The 2018 Mongol Derby riders meet their mounts for the race, all of which are semi-wild native Mongolian horses.

    6. Taking a dip

    Saif Noon, an 18-year-old from Pakistan who studies in the UK, goes for an unscheduled roll in the muddy water

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    7. Here we go!

    American fishing captain and paramedic Kelsey Opstad, 27, flashes the camera a smile as she makes her way.

    8. At a gallop

    Joel Scholz and his fiancé Nicolette Merie-Smith from Florida make their way across the Mongolian countryside with haste.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    9. A fourth Derby ride

    Devan Horn, from Texas in the USA, leads for part of the 2018 Mongol Derby on her fourth attempt in the famous race.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    10. Oops!

    Australian Chase Becker takes a tumble while leading her mount, alongside her father Mike Becker.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    11. Glorious views

    The early leaders Devan Horn and Chase Becker ride amid a stunning backdrop.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    12. Home sweet home

    The victorious duo Australian Adrian Corboy and British-born Annabel Neasham stay in a Mongolian ger.

    Credit: Laurence Squire

    13. The winning pair!

    The 2018 Mongol Derby is won by Adrian Corboy and Annabel Neasham, who both live in Australia. The duo completed the race in six days and they faced typical Mongolian weather — from monsoon rain and fog, to boiling hot sun and floods.

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