16 ingenious horsey life-hacks for parents

Having little ones at the yard can seem like a lot of hard work, but there are ways of ensuring they stay safe, have fun and aren’t always under your heels, as these smart H&H readers prove...

1. Tiny tools for little helpers

Twins James and Chloe Ford got involved at the stables from a young age. “Now six, they learnt young with tiny tools and small jobs,” says their mother Cerys.

2. A handy job

Harry Lears helps his dad at work at the shavings yard earning pocket money in summer holidays. “Is he having his lunch on the pallets or hiding from customers — can’t quite decide!” says his mother Nicola.

3. Feeding fun

Austin is kept busy preparing feed.

4. Mini jockey

The perfect warm down jockey! Austin also enjoys lending a hand cooling off Milo.

5. Start ’em young

This horsey helper proves you’re never too little to lend a helping hand.

6. Making a move

Jessica loves sitting in the lorry. “It looks like she might be a bit close to the gatepost this time though!”

7. Time to chill

Three-year-old Evie enjoys cooling down the horses as well as helping out at the yard, even if she does use the barrow like a buggy.

8. Hit the hay

Eight-month-old Amélie enjoys helping stuff hay nets.

9. No high chair, no problem

This little one enjoys lunch in a manger.

10. The perfect view

Maddy Robinson uses an Ikea wipe down high chair so her little one can sit by the school while she rides. “We also close the doors to the indoor barn while mucking out and she free ranges with her own diddy broom and fork copying (creating mess),” said Maddy.

Freddie watches cross-country from an unusual spot.

12. Clipping kids

“Give them a pair of clippers and let them have fun,” says Abbi Newton. “Pony will be redone after, so at least they have a go and learn!”

13. A close eye

“To save my daughter touching the electric fencing I used a leadrope to keep her tied to the wheelbarrow while poo picking,” says Rachel Ann Taylor. “This was when she was two. By three she was a pro with her own little barrow!”

14. Pony play room

Veronica Stockdale turned a spare stable into a play room for her little one.

15. A super seat

Ollie enjoys a ride with a difference! This brilliant invention is the brainchild of Adam Farley. Watch this space as the Barrow Buggy is set to be made widely available in the near future, thanks to the work of Adam and his endurance rider wife Rachael Claridge.

17. Mud, glorious mud

These two are allowed to make the most of their time at the yard, doing the things they love most — getting covered in mud!

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