14 reasons why we’re glad that winter’s coming

  • We love the summer, with longer days and better weather – but we’re pleased to see winter too. Here’s why…

    1. We can wave goodbye to summer problems, such as sweet itch, constant flies and sunburn.

    2. Indoor competitions start up again — no more hard ground!

    3. Did we mention the flies?

    4. Riding on a cold, crisp winter’s morning, when it’s just cold enough to make your cheeks glow and there’s a cup of hot chocolate with your name on it for when you get back, is one of life’s very special pleasures.

    5. A clipped, rugged horse can often be easier to keep clean in the winter than a naked one in the summer.

    6. You can’t be disappointed by the weather, only pleasantly surprised.

    7. Summer kit is all very well, but you’re always secretly pleased to see your proper coats, breeches, thick socks and gloves again. Plus, you’ve now got a good excuse for a new pair of boots.

    8. A long ride, followed by comfort food. Toast and jam. Soup. Jacket potatoes. Need we say more? Also, you’ve heard that you burn more calories in cold weather which obviously completely cancels out any extra biscuits.

    9. Leaving your horse tucked up with rugs and hay, and heading home to pyjamas, furry throws, a log fire and a box set.

    10. Final release from the frizzy hair that’s plagued you all summer. ‘Hat hair’ is generally much better in winter, too.

    11. Coming home from the yard on a dark winter’s night and having time to take a long, hot bath as it’s only 6.30pm.

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    12. Christmas! What other time of year do you get to cover your horse in tinsel and dress up as an elf to go or a hack, without anyone raising an eyebrow?

    13. The January sales. It’s a well-known fact that it’s actually impossible to have too many outdoor rugs/winter coats.

    14. We’re not sure whether we remembered to mention it, but the lack of flies. In fact, the lovely, lovely lack of all things buzzing, biting and stinging, and no longer having to spend what feels like £20 a week on fly spray.

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