11 reasons why riders know how to party

  • It may not have crossed your mind before, but here is why being horse-mad stands you in excellent stead to party...

    1. Our rhythm is bang on

    We’ve been perfecting our rhythm for years. So when our favourtite tune comes on — please, step aside…

    2. Toes of steel

    Most would cry and sulk if ‘so and so’ with the stiletto heels stood on their foot on the dance-floor or in the queue to the bar. Not us. Our little toes are used to being stood on by a 17hh cob with shoes on. I think we can handle a woman in a mini skirt.

    3. We don’t complain of the cold

    There’s nothing worse than someone whining about how freezing they are when they themselves have chosen to dress in short-shorts and a crop top. We’re used to changing rugs in our pajamas on a frosty winter morning. We can handle it.

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    4. We have good chat

    We’re used to having conversations with a horse. They don’t say much back but we still do it. If we can handle this kind of ignorance, we can deal with anything.

    5. We’re interesting (if you’re into horses…)

    “I’ve got a dressage competition next weekend / Tilly had a foal last Thursday…” There’s always something going on at the yard, or some kind of funny anecdote to tell.

    6. We’re fearless

    We’ll happily gallop and jump over ditches and hedges on an animal stronger than any man. So plucking up the courage to chat up a certain someone at the party is nothing to be afraid of…right?

    7. We are loud

    Shouting across the arena to encourage our friend to ‘keep their leg on’ has really strengthened our vocal chords. This means we’ll be able to talk the talk over the deafening dance music without a problem. It also allows us to sing along to our favourite songs all night long…

    8. We’re not picky about our friends

    From Shetlands to shires… we appreciate them all. We’re open-minded when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zone and meeting new people.

    9. Stamina

    We’re used to long, tiring days. If we can survive a day’s hunting, we have the stamina to party well into the early hours of the morning.

    10. Balance

    Our balance is pretty impressive. Whether that be dancing on the tables or winning the Bucking Bronco competition — we’ll be sure to turn heads.

    11. We don’t actually get out much

    Our lives are so hectic and horsey we don’t actually get the chance to go to many parties. So when we do — we really go to town…

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