What you didn’t know about… Lenamore

  • Owner Lexi Jackson tells H&H about the little horse with the big fan base.

    Fact file

    Stable name: Ed
    Age: 19
    Height: 15.3hh
    Breed: Irish sport horse
    Sire: Sea Crest
    Dam: Karinella
    Discipline: eventing
    Owners: Lexi Jackson and Janie Mackinnon (Lexi’s mother)
    Rider: Caroline Powell
    Groom: Julie Lemarinel
    Best ever result: Burghley winner 2010

    Five things you didn’t know…

    1 He has been to seven consecutive Badmintons (2005-11), six Burghleys (2003-11), one Olympic Games (Beijing, 2008) and one World Equestrian Games (Aachen, 2006).
    2 He was bred by Ted Walsh (jump jockey Ruby’s father).
    3 Ed isn’t warmed up before the dressage at events, as it makes him tense – he goes straight from the lorry or stable into his test.
    4 Two people, one on either side, are needed to escort him back to his stable after the cross-country at an event as he gets so feisty.
    5 He is the highest British Eventing point scorer of all time – he has 2,203 points.

    To read the full interview with Lexi Jackson about Lenamore see the 26 January issue of H&H

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