USA and France drop places at the London Olympics after trot-up

  • The eventers from all four leading teams have passed the final horse inspection at the London Olympics. This means Germany still holds the gold position going into the showjumping, with Britain second, Sweden third and New Zealand fourth.

    However, there was plenty of action at the trot-up, with a number of horses withdrawn, sent to the holding box or not presented.

    Swedish connections had a frightening time when Ludwig Svennerstal’s Shamwari was sent to the holding box, but he passed on re-inspection, after some discussion between the ground jury members, Anne-Mette Binder, Nick Burton and Gillian Rolton.

    Boyd Martin, pathfinder for American, withdrew Otis Barbotiere from the holding box, which drops the USA team from fifth to sixth. Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister are now a counting score for the US team.

    Donatien Schauly, who was providing the best counting score for France, did not present Ocarina Du Chanois, which moves France down from seventh to ninth. Aurelien Kahn and Cadiz now count for the team score.

    Belgium had an anxious moment when Virginie Caulier’s Nepal Du Sudre was held, but he passed on re-inspection. Polish individual /b>Pawel Spisak withdraw Wag from the holding box.

    The team showjumping is this morning, with the top 25 (but a maximum of three riders for each nation) progressing to the individual round in the afternoon.


    1. Germany 124.7
    2. Britain 130.2
    3. Sweden 131.4
    4. New Zealand 133.4
    5. Australia 173.4
    6. USA 178.5
    7. Ireland 178.8
    8. Belgium 185.8
    9. France 221.6
    10. Brazil 269.2
    11. The Netherlands 1137
    12. Canada 1177
    13. Japan 1191

    Report on yesterday’s cross-country

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