CROCKSTEAD ECHalland, Lewes, 31 January

Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Red Hot Chilli (S Pemble); 2, Simply Wookey (J Smith); 3, Denstar (A Rogers). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Conrad (E Hinckley); 2, Mossfort (S Lewis); 3, Simply Wookey. 1m open. 1, Colour Of Magic (A Rogers); 2, Morning Master (B Hicks); 3, Mossfort. BHF Newcomers. 1, Seejaal (B Hicks); 2, Daytona Bay (R Gardiner); 3, Mossfort. BEIB Members Cup. 1, New Horizon (C Doel); 2, Its Pandora (S Pemble); 3, Colour Of Magic.

LORDSBRIDGE ARENABarton, Cambs, 31 January

Charles Owen British Novice. 1 & 2, Happy Cavalier & Mr Watson (F Wells); 3, Dunbledare (V Beeley). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Mr Watson; 2, Bilbo (H Cook); 3, Carland HS (K Tropp). BHF Newcomers. 1, The Surrealist (R Neil); 2, Corland HS; 3, Madam Butterfly (N Fiddes). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Reet Petite (N Fiddes). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/small open. 1, Colorado VI (J Egmore); 2, Solitaire Sky (D Harrison).

ROWALLAN ACTIVITYCENTREFenwick, Ayrshire, 31 January

Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Hansels Gold (S Tennant); 2, Blueridge Daylight (C Caldwell); 3, Dillons Boy (M Hair).Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Goldway (M-J Anderson); 2, Lukas Falco (L Keen); 3, Dillons Boy. BEIB Members Cup. 1, Master Heathcliffe (S Dinning); 2, Coolestair (R Fyfe); 3, Ballylanders (M Bain). 1.20m open/Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, WS Ryans Touch (V Forbes); 2, Stable Express Kanderosa (S Dinning); 3, La Vauzelle (D Birtwistle). 3 Feb: maiden stakes. 1, Sporty Spice (M Moreland); 2, Nazime (A Wilson); 3, Master Fiddlers Green (S Laird). Charles Owen British Novice. 1, John Lang (A Jones); 2, CB Artful Dodger (J Beith); 3, Nazime. Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Letts Talk (F Malcolm); 2, Lios Mor (G Gillespie); 3, Riverside Boy (D Shaw). BHF Newcomers/Futurity. 1, Forest Ridge (L Johnstone); 2, Culinane Diamond (I Stark); 3, Business Link (A Craig). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Solo Flight II (S McTaggart); 2, Master Heathcliffe; 3, Ballylanders. 1.20m open/Horse & Hound Foxhunter/Braveheart. 1, Silver Sir (L Babes); 2 & 3, More Than Life & Travis Roma (L Johnstone). 1.25m select. 1, Anastasia FCS (G Gillespie); 2, Graven Image (J McGeoch); 3, MC Diamond (M Hynes). 4 Feb: 1.20m open. 1, Travis Roma; 2, Coral Gold (J Aird); 3, Silver Tip (A Craig). Blue Chip Performance. 1, Anique Deluca (A Bonelli-Baird); 2, La Bonita (G Gillespie); 3, Riverstown Queen (M Casey). 1.30m open. 1, Anique Duty Calls (A Bonelli-Baird); 2, Cooldemargh (M Hynes); 3, Lochlaiden (A Hamilton). Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Be Serious (O Haddow); 2, Shabas (R Pottie); 3, Queens Paddy (U McLean). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Be Serious; 2, Shabas; 3, Carrabawn Rhytham (S Whiteford). BHF Newcomers/Futurity. 1, Carrabawn Rhytham; 3, Mondana Star (O Haddow). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Silk Route (L Combe).

OSBALDESTON HALLBlackburn, Lancs, 31 January

BHF Newcomers. 1, Storm Flight (C Richardson); 2, Time For Business (M Lucas); 3, Junes Girl (J Andrews). Milton 5-y-o. 1, Croft First Impression. Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Its Eric (N Coupe); 2, Winowa (R Davenport); 3, Movie Star (L Henderson). A/B/C. 1, JJ II (S Bowen); 2, Guy Du Moulin (R Davenport); 3, Mendez (N Coupe). CharlesOwen British Novice. 1, Daunting Lady (Z Eglin); 2, Paddys Luck (N Hayden); 3, What For (C Wainwright). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Newman (D Ryder); 2, Crackenthorpe Enterprise (C Chapelhow); 3, Alican (L Tyson). 1m open. 1, Suzies First Choice (C Chapelhow); 2, Little Miss Ed (E Parry). 1.10m open. 1, Suzies First Choice.

NORTON HEATH ECBlackmore, Essex, 2-3 February

Charles Owen British Novice. 1, My Dads Dilemma (K Alexander); 2, Temple Polly (A Clutterbuck); 3, Capital Grey (K Thurston). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Temple Polly; 2, Orka C (S Rawding); 3, My Dads Dilemma. 1.05m open. 1, Bullands Craftsman (J Mincher); 2, Vinnie (A Lewis); 3, Vaccares (A Clutterbuck). BHF Newcomers. 1, Morality C (J Mincher); 2, Casino (K Brown); 3, Handley Barns Bambee (K Phillips). 1.15m A4. 1, Temple What A Flash (J Renwick); 2, Caola Du Domaine (J Randall); 3, Rinaldo II (A Lewis). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Handley Barns Blondee (J Renwick); 2, Macepark Krypton (G Barton). 1.30m open. 1 & 2, Tomboy & Miss Fi Fi (K Brown); 3, Macepark Valhalla (G Barton). 3 Feb: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Chatfield Lady (L Anderson); 2, Just High Spirits (A Hoffman); 3, Donadea Alexander (A Harris). 1m open. 1, Country Minstrel (N Tinworth); 2, Brookend Raphaels Boy (J Biddle); 3, Classic Cleopatra (M Redford). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Rough Evening (J Chipperfield); 2 & 3, Temple Matelot & Bobby Joe (M Lockhart). 1.05m open. 1, Skye Rider II (S Hyde); 2, Euro Queen (K Andrews); 3, Capital Grey. BHF Newcomers. 1, Silver Knight II (M Paveley); 2, Grandioso Lad (E Hunter); 3, Mandana (N Channing-Williams). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Glengold (N Channing-Williams); 2, Pik Junior (K Andrews); 3, Miss Millenium (N Dent). 6 Feb: Norton Heath Novice. 1, Westlake Saskia (J Westlake); 2, Maggie May III (T Vance); 3, Kenzit (J Biddle). Charles Owen British Novice. 1 & 2, Temple Whats It & Temple Polly (A Clutterbuck); 3, Maggie May III. Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Lorettas Cher Delight (J Attrell); 2, Spring A Tiger (C Jenks); 3, Radiant C (J Mincher). 1.05m open. 1 & 2, My Darling & Toscogo (N Tinworth); 3, Handley Barns Bambee. BHF Newcomers. 1, Morality C (J Mincher); 2, Handley Barns Bambee; 3, Radiant C. 1.15m A4. 1, La Passadena (C White); 2, Doctor Devious (M Lockhart). 1.20m open. 1, Hot Two Step (N Tinworth); 2, Gatsby (S Rawding).

MEDSTEAD GRANGE ECBentworth, Hants, 2-3 February

1.10m open. 1, Executive Matchplay (C Toms); 2, Just A Mirage (Z Hood); 3, Peorple De Lize (D Powell). BHF Newcomers. 1, Judgement Day (C Toms); 2, Jarva (V Whitaker); 3, BF Panama (M Dye). 1.20m open. 1, African Rival (L Pavitt); 2, Monaghan Rex (P Bursby); 3, Alona (B Dunning). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Waftam (M Armstrong); 2, Gold Dutalus (V Whitaker); 3, Ascot T (A Cove). B&C. 1, Beau¡s Retreat (P Crago); 2, Watch Me (M Armstrong); 3, Landmark Legacy (P Crago). 1.30m open. 1, Warren (M Armstrong); 2, Sinatra (P Crago); 3, Nova Du Montois (A Austin). 3 Feb: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, El Of A Lady (C Kirby); 2, Silver Mirage (C Toms); 3, Travellers Riot (J Streeter). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, El Of A Lady; 2, Ferros Olympic Lady (K Osmond-Smith); 3, Echalotte (A Austin). 1m open. 1, Network Blue (F Breech); 2, Creevagh George (A Lidstone); 3, Ivor Mission (G Beach). 1.05m open. 1, Our Yogie (L Andrews); 2, Nearly Midnight (F Breech); 3, Creevagh George. BHF Newcomers. 1, Mississippi Lady (R Willis); 2, Whispering Spirit VII (BSporne); 3, Doushka (R Willis). 1.10m open. 1, The Fonz (A Martin); 2, Springalong (D Dick); 3, Hyundi (H Knowles).

ARENA UKGrantham, Notts, 2-4 February

BHF Newcomers. 1, Nikita (A Saywell); 2, Croft Little Doll (BTwomey); 3, Traxdata Singiton (P Spivey). 5/6-y-o. 1, 18 tied. Horse & Hound Foxhunter.1, Mieke (D McPherson); 2, Gravune De La Mera (R Whitaker); 3, Renzerin VD Rampaarden (B Twomey). McKeever B&C. 1, In The Black II (B Twomey); 2, Ashdale Futuro (D Quigley); 3, Lord Cromwell (D Burnham). Stubbs Family 1.25m. 1, Golden Pele (P Spivey); 2, Valentino R (D Lampard); 3, Colorado VI (J Egmore). Close Asset Finance 1.40m. 1, Senator Hennessey (R Smith); 2, Championesse II (D McPherson); 3, Senator Kalusha (R Smith). 3 Feb: Stubbs Family 1.25m. 1, Temple Guess What (R Whitaker); 2, Expressive (C Collins); 3, Touch Wood II (C Collins). Blue Chip Pro B&C. 1, Same Again II (R Whitaker); 2, Hollyville (C Swail); 3, Agretto (G Glazzard). Close Asset Finance 1.40m. 1, Baghera (D McPherson); 2, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad (P Barker); 3, Blushing Groom (J Popely 5/6-y-o. 1, 10 tied. Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Mieke; 2, Traxdata Singiton; 3, Nixion (H van Heyningen). 4 Feb: 1.25m. 1, Equity (D Lampard); 2, Touch Wood II; 3, Bullands Ladalco (T Stockdale). Osborne Refrigerators Grade C. 1, Baxters Gold (D Charles); 2, Montedan (T Stockdale); 3, Galisco Louvier (R Davenport). Close Asset Finance Winter A&B Grand Prix.¢1, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad; 2, Dody De Chaulusse (A Newsham); 3, Divine Des Cabanes (S Crippen). 5/6-y-o 1, 19 tied. Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Uptons Griffine (A Saywell); 2, Killarney Hero (T Hedges); 3, Holmesley Mill (M Lanni).

LORDSBRIDGE EC Barton, Cambs, 2-4 February

128cm open. 1, Metric (G Horsley); 2, Duncrynes Jungle Bunny (J Ward); 3, Corralass (C Mowbray). 138cm open. 1, Dawn Flame (E Davies); 2, Tasman Archer (J Newnham); 3, Dryscoed Daybreak (D Smith). 148cm open. 1, Ocean Colour Scene (D Smith); 2, Titamour (A Walker); 3, Exquisite (V Callaghan). jnr open. 1 & 2, New York Spritzer & Fagan Bay (L Pavitt); 3, Robocop (A Strawson). Paul Fabrications Winter JA. 1, RS Blackjack (N Boak); 2, Kahola Maestro (H Paul); 3, Mystery Music (E Doherty). small pony open. 1, The Great Houdini (H Skelton); 2, Brilljent Cut (S Butchart); 3, Willowpark Rif Raf (J Newnham). Active Media Winter 128cm 2nd round. 1, My Little Pumpkin (E Davies); 2, Little Barnie Bear (L Mantel); 3, Duncrynes Jungle Bunny (J Ward). jnr sml open. 1, Maxton Hi-Jack (R Prater); 2, Not Smart Enough (SStrawson); 3, Nobodys Blues But Mine (L King). winter JC 2nd round.1, New York Skyline (L Pavitt); 2, Telstar Snapshot (L Maybin); 3, Applejack Mr Ed (D Smith). jnr open. 1, Robocop (A Strawson); 2, Prize Lady (P Howard); 3, RS Blackjack. Paul Fabrications Winter JA. 1, New York Spritzer (L Pavitt); 2, Kahola Maestro; 3, Dusty Road (E Darnbrough). small pony open. 1, Wickenstone Fantasy (S Strawson); 2, Highrise (R Griffiths); 3, Foxmill San Diego (L Mantel). Truckservice Centre Winter 138cm 2nd round. 1, Little Logic (A Mizon); 2, Dryscoed Daybreak; 3, Lakeland Little Cracker (R Cottam). jnr open. 1, Fenland Fudge (L King); 2, Justa Nuther Fred (S Ryan); 3, Willowpark Skywalker (E Darnbrough).Blue Chip Jnr Sparkle JC/JA. 1, Majestic Moments (L Maybin), 2, Applejack Mr Ed (D Smith), 3, Ruby Reflection (R Beecroft).

STAINSBY GRANGE ECThornaby, Cleveland, 3 February

Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Gypsy Mae (JWood); 2, A Touch Of Frost (D Herron); 3, Dovecote Jenny (J Cowan). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Seacroft Diamond (C Hill); 2, Ambi Dextrous (V Baker); 3, Our Dudley (C Dennis). BHF Newcomers. 1, Irish Skater (J Robinson); 2, Miss Inca (R Collinson); 3, Stainsby Powerplay (P Allen). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Irish Skater; 2, Lady Boss (K Leak). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Seacroft Lad (C Hill); 2, Stainsby Sponeck (J Tanfield); 3, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills). open. 1, Toodjay (S Russell); 2, Donna Bonita (J Tanfield); 3, Broken Rule (J Picken).