Pippa takes pole position

  • 1. Pippa Funnell with Supreme Rock, 33.2;

    2. Bettina Hoy with Ringwood Cockatoo 33.4;

    3. Piia Pantsu with Ypaja Karuso, 41.6;

    4. Andrew Hoy with Moon Fleet, 42.4;

    5. William Fox-Pitt with Tamarillo, 42.6;

    6. Andrew Nicholson with Mr Smiffy 44.8;

    7. PippaFunnell with Cornerman 45.6;

    8. Enrique Sarasola with Dope Doux, 47.2;

    9. Jeanette Brakewell with Over To You, 47.4;

    10. Marie Louise Thomas with The Psephologist, 47.8.

    11. Mary King with King Solomon III, 48.8;

    12eq. Leslie Law with Shear H20 and Lucinda Fredericks with Darasass, 49.4;

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