New eventing grand slam

  • A new eventing grand slam has been devised in Shropshire, at the instigation of Liberté Self Drive Horse Box Hire.

    The company, which already sponsors the CCI* and CCI** (without steeplechase) at Weston Park is offering a cool £25,000 to any horse or rider (not necessarily a combination) who can complete the Shropshire Liberté Slam: to win, consecutively in any order, either of the Weston Park international classes, Sansaw Park CIC** and either of the International Classes at Weston Park.

    The first leg kicks off at Weston Park this autumn (October 6-10), and continues next year. The cycle is continuous, and will run indefinitely until the prize is claimed.

    However, should the elements, or any other such unpredictable force cause cancellation of one of the events, the process starts again.

    “The inspiration comes from my love of eventing, even though there is absolutely no money in it whatsoever, says Ruth Moore of Liberté Self Drive Horse Box Hire.

    “The Rolex Grand Slam has done a lot for our sport, and added a serious element of excitement

    “You can kill yourself all season, and then compete, win, and go home with a pair of boots as a prize, which is all well and good, but the idea that you are competing for a serious prize really spruces up the competition, or the entire season in this particular instance,” she adds.

    Ruth got Liberté up and running earlier this year, with the first bookings coming through in May. Handed in as part of her dissertation, she had no idea that the business plan would ever become reality. But a lot of hard work and determination has proved worthwhile, and bookings have been coming in thick and fast.

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