Leslie Law leads eventing rankings

  • Leslie Law and Shear H20 are the early leaders of British Eventing’s rankings

    Leslie Law has taken an early lead in the event rider rankings (up to 1 April) with 112 points, following open intermediate wins at Poplar Park and Lincolnshire. Pippa Funnell (107) is in second place but a nasty fall at Belton last weekend may see her drop in next month’s rankings. William Fox-Pitt is third with 106.

    Shear H20 is leading the horse rankings (46), with Woodsides Ashby, ridden by Bettina Hoy, in second place (38). Jim Chromiak’s Headwind is third following a number of successful intermediate outings with Kristina Cook, who is 14th in the rider rankings.

    Top riders (at 1 April)

      1, Leslie Law, 112 points;
      2, Pippa Funnell, 107;
      3, William Fox-Pitt, 106;
      4, Andrew Nicholson, 88;
      5, Andrew Hoy, 72;
      6, Bettina Hoy, 66;
      7, Matt Ryan, 66;
      8, Lucinda Fredericks, 66;
      9, Piggy French, 63;
      10, Ruth Friend, 61;
      11, Blyth Tait, 60;
      12, Tim Davies, 58;
      13, Mary King, 50;
      14, Kristina Cook, 49;
      15, Steven James, 49.

    Top 15 horses (at 1 April)

      1, Shearwater Insurance & Mr & Mrs Jeremy Lawton’s Shear H20, 46;
      2, Mrs D Weston & Bettina Hoy’s Woodsides Ashby, 38;
      3, Jim Chromiak’s Headwind, 38;
      4, Mr & Mrs Philip Smith’sTwo Thyme, 35;
      5=, Vicki Miller & Mr & Mrs Clayton Fredericks’s Bally Leck Boy, Elisabeth Ellis’s Done To Order and Bob Scarborough’s Darien Powers, 34;
      8=, Mr & Mrs Nick Walkinshaws’ Walk On Star and Ali Bedwell’s Gymcrak Fortune, 32;
      10=, Anne Bolingbroke’s Red Quest, Bettina Hoy’s Unsung Hero and Preci Spark’s The Wexford Lady, 28;
      13=, Douglas Edward’s Sir Percival and Sam Barr & Blyth Tait’s Welton Envoy, 26;
      15=, Hazel Fastnedge & Gill Robinson’s King George ll, Shearwater Insurance Syndicate & Jeremy Lawton’s Shear L’Eau and Mr & Mrs Philip Smith’s Big Thyme, 24.

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