Kitty Boggis could be victim of sponsorship scam

  • Eventer Kitty Boggis is among athletes who may have fallen victim to a suspected fraud.

    Last month we revealed how 27-year-old Kitty was to receive a “six-figure budget” to buy herself a potential Olympic ride.

    The money was to come from The Global Sponsorship Group (GSG), which claims to match sportmen with corporate sponsors.

    Now that company is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police after leading athletes — including gold medal-winning runner Mark Lewis Francis — expressed concerns.

    They said they had received no money from the company.

    Kitty told H&H: “I am taking legal action but I don’t want to mess that up by saying anything at this stage.”

    GSG asked athletes for a £500 fee before matching them with sponsors. Kitty’s sister Lucy Boggis, a heptathlete and seen on TV as the Gladiator Tempest, is also sponsored by GSG.

    GSG appears to have left its Croydon offices and was not available for comment.

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