Going for European glory… but sit tight

  • Winning medals isn’t about looking pretty…

    British pony eventing team rider Charlotte Bacon had to demonstrate her stickability when her pony produced some moves more commonly seen in a rodeo, rather than a dressage arena, as she helped the British team win gold.

    Luckily Three Wells Breeze’s extravagant airs above the ground were in response to the crowd showing their appreciation after the final halt, and not during the test itself.

    Had Charlotte parted company with her pony while in the arena they would have been eliminated from the entire competition. As it was, not only did she stay in the saddle, but went on to jump double clear and finish on her dressage score of 50.8pen for eventual 11th place.

    Well sat Charlotte!

    Full report from the Pony Europeans in Horse & Hound magazine, on sale Thursday 1 August

    British pony eventing team gold medallists

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