European Eventing Championship teams for Strzegom

  • Squad announcements will be added to this page as they are released, so come back for the latest news on who will be representing their country in Poland.

    FEI European Eventing Championships in StrzegomFind out which riders have been selected in the run-up to the European Eventing Championships in Strzegom, Poland (17-20 August).

    Great Britain

    • Rosalind Canter with Allstar B
    • Tina Cook with Billy The Red (reserve: Calvino II)
    • Piggy French with Quarrycrest Echo
    • Gemma Tattersall with  Quicklook V
    • Oliver Townend with Cooley SRS
    • Nicola Wilson with Bulana
    • First reserve: Sarah Cohen with Treason
    • Second reserve: Alexander Bragg with Zagreb


    • Sarah Ennis and Horseware Stellor Rebound
    • Jonty Evans and Cooley Rorkes Drift
    • Joseph Murphy and Sportsfield Othello
    • Michael Ryan and Dunlough Striker
    • Patricia Ryan and Dunrath Eclipse
    • Austin O’Connor and Kilpatrick Knight


    • Sara Algotsson Ostholt and Reality 39
    • Louise Svensson Jähde and Waikiki or Weloch’s Utah Sun
    • Ludwig Svennerstål and Paramount Importance
    • Anna Freskgård and Box Qutie
    • Individual: Niklas Lindbäck and Focus Filiocus
    • Individual: Malin Josefsson and Allan V
    • Reserve: Hanna Berg and Quite Survivor
    • Reserve: Linda Algotsson and Fairnet


    • Tom Carlile and Upsilon
    • Sidney Dufresne and Tresor Mail
    • Gwendolen Fer and Traumprinz
    • Maxime Livio and Opium De Verrieres Withdrawn
    • Donatien Schauly and Pivoine Des Touches Withdrawn
    • Thibaut Vallette and Qing Du Briot ENE HN
    • Cedric Lyard and Qatar Du Puech Rouget
    • Matthieu Vanlandeghem and Trouble Fete ‘ENE HN’


    • Bettina Hoy and Seigneur Medicott (reserve: Designer)
    • Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob OLD
    • Julia Krajewski and Samourai Du Thot (reserve: Chipmunk FRH)
    • Michael Jung and FischerRocana FST
    • Individual: Josefa Sommer and Hamilton
    • Individual: Kai Rüder and Colani Sunrise
    • Reserve: Leonie Kuhlmann and Cascora


    • Clelia Casiraghi and Verdi
    • Pietro Roman and Barraduff
    • Arianna Schivo and Quefira De l’Ormeau
    • Vittoria Panizzon and Chequers Play The Game
    • Pietro Sandei and Rubis De Prere (reserve: Mouse)
    • Mattia Luciani and Leopold K


    • Pawel Spisak and Banderas
    • Mariusz Kleniuk and Winona
    • Mateusz Kiempa and Grand Supreme
    • Michal Knap and Bob The Builder
    • Pawel Warszawski and Fuksja


    • Margit Appelt and Space Jet
    • Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati and Cosma


    • Hanna Nemtsava and Gambrinus
    • Raman Varanko and Dervish
    • Aliaksandr Faminou and Gilhord
    • Alena Tseliapushkina and Passat


    • Lara de Liedekerke-Meier and Alpaga d’Arville
    • Karin Donckers and Fletcha van’t Verahof
    • Giel Vanhouche and Figaro de Verby
    • Joris Vanspringel and Lully des Aulnes
    • Individual: Kris Vervaecke and Hopper ten Hunsel
    • Individual: Xavier Snackers and En Silence Otrang

    Czech Republic

    • Miloslav Prihoda Jr and Captain HeroA


    • Peter T. Flarup and Frankie
    • Irene Mia Hastrup and Constantin M
    • Cecilie Eriksen and Calvin
    • Hanne Wind Ramsgaard and Vestervangs Arami


    • Pauliina Swindells and Ferro S
    • Elmo Jankari and Duchess Desiree
    • Sanna Siltakorpi and Bofey Bridge


    • Orsolya Szabó and Zizi St John’s


    • Alice Naber-Lozeman and ACSI Harry Belafonte or ACSI Peter Parker
    • Merel Blom and Rumour Has It N.O.P.


    • Hans Bauer and Praestegaardens Leopold
    • Ellen Kristina Hynne and Rom Tikka
    • Heidi Bratlie Larsen and Euforian


    • Aleksandr Markov with Kurfurstin or Chat Noir
    • Igor Atrokhov with Indigo Pyreneen


    • Ben Vogg and Noe Des Vatys
    • Felix Vogg and Onfire
    • Mélody Johner and Frimeur Du Record CH
    • Sandra Leonhardt-Raith and Toubleu De Rueire
    • Patrizia Attinger and Hilton P
    • Eveline Bodenmüller and Waldmann


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