ERA encourages riders to use new online event feedback system

  • The Event Riders’ Association (ERA) is urging eventers to fill in a new online form after competing to help give feedback to horse trials’ organisers and British Eventing (BE).

    “This is a new initiative this year and a huge step forward,” said ERA chairman Francis Whittington. “Long-term, this will be hugely helpful for the sport.

    “I think some people were worried it would all be negative, but so far, we’ve found people have been very positive, even when making suggestions.”

    The form has sections for rating and commenting on different aspects of events, from signposting to going, arenas, courses, friendliness of officials, tradestands and value for money.

    At the end of the year ERA will collate the information and relay it to BE and organisers.

    ERA also has reps at events, gathering feedback on the ground, and if you want to make ERA aware of something sooner than the end of the year, the organisation advises members to highlight this to the ERA rep or your ERA regional director.

    You need to be a member of ERA to fill in the online form, but joining is free. The forms are meant to be anonymous, but you can leave your contact details if you wish.

    To fill in the form, join ERA or find out who your ERA regional director is, visit www.eventridersassociation.org.

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