Eventer Polly Williamson – who remains seriously ill following a fall – has made some progress, say her family.

The Wiltshire-based rider, 41, has been in an induced coma in hospital in Bristol since the accident on 8 December.

It’s not clear exactly what happened, but it appears that the horse may have spooked and fallen on Polly in the very high winds earlier this month. She suffered a serious head injury and broke three vertebrae.

Her sister, Tory Jowett, told H&H that Polly had “inched forward on a journey of miles” in the past couple of days.

Mrs Jowett said: “She is focusing with her right eye, responds to us by a squeeze of the right hand and there is a hint of a smile.

“She appears to know it is us when we visit.”

Polly, n ©e Lyon, is a former junior and young rider European champion. She is married with two young sons.

The Lyon and Williamson families say they have received an “overwhelming” number of messages from well-wishers.

Mrs Jowett told H&H: “It is still far too early for the medics to make an accurate long-term prognosis, but things are looking more encouraging.”