British young riders retain team gold after cross-country at Europeans

  • The British team are still in the gold medal position after the cross-country phase at the young rider European Championships in Kreuth, Germany.

    All four members of Britain’s Jump Savings-sponsored team went clear inside the optimum time. Emily Llewellyn (pictured, Pardon Me II) and Georgie Spence (Skylight) are still in individual silver and bronze positions behind Germany’s Julia Krajewski (Lost Prophecy). Ben Hobday (Uptons Who) and Dani Cuomo (Ballin Willow) have both gained three places and now lie fifth and eighth.

    The German team also added nothing to their dressage scores and are less than two show jumps behind the Brits, while the French now hold the bronze position.

    Britain’s two individual riders, Emily Galbraith (Timing) and Sarah Stretton (Lazy Acres Skip On) also jumped clear, with Emily one second over the optimum time and Sarah four.

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    1. Lost Prophecy (Julia Krajewski, GER) 43.5
    2. Pardon Me II (Emily Llewellyn, GB team) 43.8
    3. Skylight (Georgie Spence, GB team) 46.1

    1. Britain 139.7
    2. Germany 145.2
    3. France 160.2


    5. Uptons Who (Ben Hobday, GB team) 49.8
    8. Ballin Willow (Dani Cuomo, GB team) 51
    11. Timing (Emily Galbraith, GB individual) 51.4
    22. Lazy Acres Skip On (Sarah Stretton, GB individual) 57.9

    Times and results from Kreuth

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