BE invests in the future

  • British Eventing is set to invest £150,000 in enhancing the structure of eventing for organisers and riders, it unveiled at its recent AGM.

    The levy arrangements between BE and event organisers will be changed in order to save organisers money, while organisers will also be allowed to adjust prize-money scales next season.

    Following an unusually dry summer the decision has been made to invest in ground preparation, with the purchase of the latest machines and a development grant system for which organisers can apply. The overall effect is that events can benefit by up to £1,000 per cross-country day.

    To fund this investment, fees will increase next year by £10 for full membership.

    The good weather and an increase in the number of venues in 2003 meant that balloting was down by 50%. Starters were up 12.8% year on year, but the increase came from the lower intro and pre-novice end — advanced and intermediate starters were down 3.6% and 5.3% respectively — while the sale of day tickets rose to a hefty 5,429.

    However, the greater choice has left some events struggling, especially at lower levels, and some new measures for 2004 are designed to protect geographically more isolated venues.

    A full transcript of changes is on the BE website, www.britisheventing.com

    BE changes for 2004

    • Full membership to rise £10 in 2004
    • New ground improving machinery to be bought
    • Development grants to be made available for events
    • Events to have greater flexibility in prize money

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