Alex Hua Tian’s diary: final preparations for Express Eventing

  • It has been a week for quiet preparation for Team China. With Express Eventing looming, I have taken advantage of some free time to jump in the lorry to travel down to Jane Gregory’s to go through my dressage to music.

    When I did Express Eventing two years ago I competed Chico. This year will be Maggie’s turn. Maggie (Magenta, pictured) and Chico, however, have very different advantages and disadvantages in their ways of going so Jane made the executive decision to tweak the floorplan to suit.

    The Chinese film music from the movie Hero worked very well for Chico. With a couple of trips up to London to a friend who understands computers better than I, we have adjusted and fine-tuned the timing of the music to a masterpiece worthy of Maggie!

    So with no stone unturned we will be making our way up to Stoneleigh tomorrow afternoon to give us a chance to settle in and get our bearings. I have no doubt that it will be an exciting competition and I hope Maggie rises to the occasion!


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