BDS Area 10 private driving results, 24 May

BDS AREA 10, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, 24 May
exercise vehicles under 13.2hh (J Halnan-Blackwell).— 1, S Vella’s Can I Stay Now; 2, R Neale’s Tycwm Sebastian; 3, S Laker’s Munchi. 13.2hh & over.— 1, C Moreau’s Rayner; 2, A Oliver’s Arrow; 3, C Scott’s Blazing Fortune. style & perf.— 1, T Howard`s Spider; 2, Can I Stay Now; 3, E Cochrane’s Merrydown Little Devil. young drivers.— 1, J Snowdon’s Rex Of Larkrise (A Turner); 2, J Snowdon’s Elson Firebird (E Faulkner); 3, A Banks & A Howe’s Murthwaite Perky (M Clarke). private driving.— 1 & ch, M & E Edmonds’s Baldwin’s First Impression; 2, R Howitt’s Thorndon Park Telynor (K Moreau); 3, D-M Howman’s Wotfield Satisfaction. two-wheel light trade.— 1, S Bone’s Brookfield Budweiser; 2, J Edwards’s Stapleford Meteor. four-wheel.— 1 & res, S Brown’s Drumbo Great Expectations; 2, B Parkins’s Langley Lady; 3, C Gregory’s Knockholt Express. reg natives.— 1, Thorndon Park Telynor; 2, Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise; 3, K Tennant’s Glynceirch Jay Redwing. nov whip.— 1, Glynceirch Jay Redwing; 2, L Gordon’s Sonny; 3, Munchi. nov horse/pony.— 1, E Day’s Mr Morse; 2, C Scott’s Flair of Kirkatown; 3, Munchi. concours d’elegance (P Deacon).— 1, Spider; 2, Thorndon Park Telynor; 3, Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise.

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