Talk to “Mini Marvels” trainer, Tanya Larrigan

  • Get FREE expert advice from Tanya Larrigan by calling the HORSE helpline

    If you are having problems with your flatwork, or would like to find out how working your horse from the ground can improve its way of going under saddle, then don’t miss your chance to chat to dressage rider and trainer Tanya Larrigan on Monday 22 October.

    Tanya is particularly well-known for her display work with the Mini Marvels, a team of Shetland ponies which perform advanced dressage movements on long reins. These tiny ponies are proof that training from the ground can help establish a supple and more obedient horse.

    Tanya will be available to take your calls on the HORSE freephone helpline (tel: 0800 146422) on Monday 22 October, between 11am and 3pm. Remember that lines may get busy, so please try again if you don’t get through the first time.

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