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    Videoing your training sessions could really give you the edge with your riding and help you to see where you are going wrong.

    Below is the video which Phoebe Buckley produced during our training feature, published in today’s magazine (7 October, ’10), to help show Garry Russell how much he drifts to the left when jumping. She also used it to help Garry improve his hands.

    How to video like a pro:

    We asked some of our readers — and their trainers who regularly use video — what advice they would give to those starting out.

    • Practise following the horse around the arena, keeping him in the centre of the frame

    • Try not to zoom in and out too much as you need to be able to see where the horse is in relation to the markers to assess accuracy

    • Looking through the viewfinder rather than the screen on the side of the camera gives a more accurate picture, especially in bright light

    • Buy a tripod — it makes a huge difference, saves aching shoulders and wobbly footage

    • Practise with the zoom as, in the heat of the moment, you can go in the wrong direction and end up with a ridiculous close-up

    • For dressage, position the camera at C to capture the judge’s perspective

    • Purchase a spare battery and memory card so you don’t miss the best footage

    How to make the best use of your video information:

    • When you think your horse was very good but the judges’ marks don’t reflect this, watch the video while reading the dressage sheet to validate (or not) the comments

    • In showjumping, watch any knockdowns — you can often see the cause and change your training to compensate

    • In showing, use video to compare your show to the marks — this helps understand where you can improve the show

    For the full feature on video training, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (7 October, ’10)

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