Dressage trainer seeks lost dog

  • Dressage rider and trainer Tracey Woodhead is appealing for help to trace the family’s much loved dog Echo, who went missing during a clinic at Rosewood EC in Snaith, Pollington, near Doncaster last Tuesday (20 April).

    The 10-year old black Labrador bitch, who always accompanies Tracey on her travels, is believed to have been shocked by an electric fence which caused her to run away.

    “My daughter Holly is devastated,” says Tracey. “She grew up with Echo and I used to push them both in the pram when they were little. This is very out of character for Echo, who never leaves my side and usually sits patiently by the side of the arena.”

    Described as a fairly tall and fit, with a fatty lump on her right side near her ribs, Echo was wearing a red collar with her name on it when she disappeared.

    “It is totally out of character for Echo to run away,” explains Tracey. “I saw her bolt and immediately jumped in the car to follow her but she had vanished in to thin air. We’ve contacted the local police, dog wardens, newspapers and radio. We’re hoping that someone will have taken her in and be looking after her, not knowing she has a lovely family who are missing her terribly.”

    Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Echo is asked to contact Tracey (tel: 07940 508488).

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