Dressage round-up from FEI General Assembly

  • International team dressage to launch next year

    Hickstead is considering adding a leg of the new FEI Nations Cup dressage series to its 2013 international show (1-4 August).

    Director of Dressage at Hickstead Dane Rawlins told H&H that he was trying to find sponsors.

    The new series — where riders compete as national teams — was announced at the FEI General Assembly last week.

    FEI dressage committee chairman Frank Kempermann said: “We believe this could provide new opportunities for dressage. We hope it will be a new highlight.”

    Wayne Channon of the International Dressage Riders Club welcomed the concept, saying it was important for more riders to compete at grand prix level. But he believed top riders would be unlikely to take part.

    “They are already competing at between six and eight competitions a year — they will not be able to add on another five Nations Cups,” he said.

    Confirmed dates so far are: three-star competitions at Vidauban, France (17-20 May) and Rotterdam (20-24 June) and a five-star at Aachen (3-8 July).

    New ‘blood rule’ approved

    A new rule stating what action should be taken if blood is seen on a horse during an international-level dressage test was unanimously approved by the General Assembly.

    The judge at C now has responsibility for deciding if a horse should be eliminated. If the horse shows fresh blood, it will be eliminated. If the blood is old, the horse may be allowed to continue.

    An FEI vet will examine the horse before its next test if it is due to compete in the next few days of the show.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (15 November 2012)

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