Charlie Hutton’s blog: competitions, competitions and more competitions

  • I’ve had a mammoth few weeks of competitions. Between Wellington Premier League and the Welsh Festival, mum [Pammy] and I had the lorry out for 10 days out of the past 14.

    I managed to qualify four horses for the nationals at Wellington. I have to thank my mother for that too as, on Tuesday and Wednesday when I was riding, she set up both Abira and Merlin Nemorensis [Nemo].

    In the following intermediaire I, where I was second on Nemo, I’ve never felt him more established. I tend to get great expression with him but then lose marks inbetween on the transitions for example. This time he felt really secure and on my aids.

    We were second to Matt Frost and Flyaway Wish in the PSG music, but Nemo was quite exhausted by then. He can be quite naughty on the lorry so we tend to have to hobble him. He got over excited at Wellington in the car park and broke his headcollar and hobbles, and managed to get his foot caught in a haynet twice!

    I had my second PSG outing on my sister Pippa’s ride, Belmondo, and won. He then went to Catherston for junior squad training with Pippa on Saturday and I had him back to win another PSG at the Welsh Festival on Sunday.

    And that’s been my two weeks really, competitions and more competitions — I managed to fit in teaching just one lesson! All the Talland students were begging me to go out last weekend and I was very tempted but, having been getting up at five and finishing work at 10 all week it was probably sensible that I didn’t.

    Until next week,

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